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So I thought I posted this chapter a while back...but I was looking back at my cards and it wasn't there....so that's awkward....미안 ㅠㅠ Anyways...enjoy ^^ Also isn't that picture of Yoongi oppa adorable? I sure think so ^^

“Hi, I’m Seokjin,” The one that was on the phone smiled. He was tall and skinny with brownish red hair, and quite the pretty face.
“I’m Yoongi,” A shorter one with brown hair waved at me. He was cute too.
“Hoseok!” Another boy with brown hair yelled. He was taller than Yoongi and had long narrow features. Yet again, cute.
“I’m Jimin,” The shortest of the group piped in. He was the only one with black hair, and even though they were all very cute, I found him the most attractive.
“Taehyung,” The one with orange hair smiled a boxy smile at me. Even with a dorky smile like that he was attractive.
“Oh, uh, Jungkook,” The last one said. He had reddish brown hair like Jin, but he looked younger. Still cute, just like the rest of them.
“Hi,” I waved, “I’m London.”
“Uh…do you have…a Korean name?” Yoongi asked.
“No,” I frowned.
“We’ll give you one,” Jimin grinned, “Soon.”
“We have to get to know you first,” Namjoon told me, “But follow me, I’ll show you your room.”
I stood up to grab my suitcases but Jungkook beat me there. He smiled at me cheekily, and moved past me, pausing for a second to motion for me to follow. I bit my lip and followed Namjoon and Jungkook down the hall. They opened the last door in the hallway and moved for me to walk in. I stepped inside the room and looked around. It was a decent sized room with a bed on one side and a desk on the other. Other than that the room was empty.
“We didn’t think it was fair for someone to have their own room,” Namjoon explained, “Well, we were going to give it to Jin hyung cause he’s the oldest but he is the one who said it wasn’t fair. So it’s like this room was waiting for you.”
“Cool,” I smiled. Jungkook set my suitcases down by my bed and turned to me. He opened his mouth to say something and then closed it again, unsure. I spoke instead, this time in Korean, “I can’t really speak Korean, sorry.”
“That’s ok,” Jungkook replied.
“We’ll teach you,” Namjoon suggested.
“Camsahamnida,” I thanked them.
“Now come on, let’s go back out and get to know each other. Don’t worry I’ll translate,” Namjoon added, seeing the look of terror on my face. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me back out into the living room. He said something in Korean and everybody found places on the couches. I sat next to Jimin and smiled at him shyly.
“Hi,” Jimin smiled a squinty eyed smile.
“Hi,” I replied quietly. Namjoon spoke in Korean again and then turned to me.
“Ask any questions and the boys will do the same. They’ll do as much as they can in English, but I want you to say what you can in Korean, ok?” Namjoon rose an eyebrow.
“Ok,” I nodded, still nervous about talking to these boys. They all looked so familiar but just like I couldn’t place Namjoon I couldn’t figure out why I recognized them.
“How old are you?” Taehyung asked.
“Um, 17,” I answered.
“So…95?” Jin questioned.
“Yeah,” I nodded.
“Us too!” Jimin cheered, pointing to himself and Taehyung.
“Right ages,” Namjoon interjected, “That’s important. Um ok, we’ll just go by Korean age, that’s easier for us. Jin hyung is 21, Yoongi hyung is 20, Hoseokie and I are 19, Jiminie and Taehyungie are 18, like you, and Jungkookie is 15.”
“So, if you’re older I call you oppa right?” I asked.
“Yes,” Hoseok nodded.
“What about same age..or younger?” was my next question.
“You can just call them by their names,” Namjoon told me, “You don’t need to give them any specific titles.”
“Aigo,” I shook my head, making the boys laugh.
“Ask a question, in Korean,” Namjoon prodded, poking me in the side slightly. I bit my lip in concentration before I spoke.
“What are your hobbies?” I finally asked, struggling slightly but getting the sentence out all the same. Namjoon smiled proudly and gave me a high five.
“I like to make music,” Namjoon started, “Eumak is the Korean word for music. So in Korean I would say Eumak mandreonn geot joah.”
“Na doe,” Yoongi smiled, “Me too.”
“I like dance,” Hoseok said, “Choom!”
“Cooking,” Seokjin spoke next, “Yoree.”
“I like working out,” Jimin grinned, “Oondong. Like Taekwondo.”
“Video games,” Taehyung told me.
“Geurin,” Jungkook paused and looked at Namjoon.
“Drawing,” Namjoon told him.
“Ah,” Jungkook nodded, “Drawing.”
“What about you?” Yoongi asked.
“Um…same things,” I said honestly, “Eumak, choom, yoree, oondong, geurin, and video games are fun sometimes.”
“Best roommate!” Hoseok yelled happily.
“Camsahamnida,” I blushed.
“Eebo,” Jimin said to Taehyung, smiling slightly. That word sounded familiar but I can’t remember what it was…I thought for a minute and then it came to me. Pretty. It’s one of the words that means pretty. Did Jimin really think I was pretty? There’s no way that I could be that lucky. That the one that I thought was the most attractive thought I was pretty. Things like this just don’t happen to me.
“Ah a rule,” Namjoon spoke. He told the boys something in Korean then turned to me, “No talking about each other in a language they don’t know in front of them. That’s not fair.”
“Ok,” I nodded. I mean granted the only one I could talk to in English was Namjoon so I think the rule is more for the boys.
“Cheermoon,” I suddenly spoke, I had a question, “Why do you all look familiar? Sorry I don’t know how to ask that in Korean.”
“Gwanchana,” Namjoon smiled, assuring me that it was ok, “We’re a kpop group. Bangtan Seonyundan…or BTS.”
“Ah!” I suddenly realized, “I knew I had seen you somewhere!”
“You know BTS?” Jungkook asked happily.
“Jogeum,” I replied, holding up my thumb and finger to show a little bit.
“I like you,” Taehyung smiled happily causing me to blush. Yoongi pulled out his phone and clicked a few things before coming next to me.
“Listen to this,” Yoongi said. He started playing a song for me, grinning widely. It was a cool song, there weren’t lyrics yet but the beat still made me want to move.
“What is this?” I asked, “It’s cool.”
“My song,” Yoongi replied, “Do you like it?”
“Nay,” I nodded, giving Yoongi a thumbs up, “Very cool. What’s the word for that?”
“Mo-shi-seo-yo,” Namjoon replied.
“Ah nomu moshiseoyo,” I grinned. We continued to talk in a mix of English and Korean, all of us learning a lot of new vocabulary and grammar thanks to Namjoon. Thanks goodness he can speak English; I would be lost without him. As the sun started to go down, Seokjin stood up. He said something about cooking and then headed towards the kitchen.
“Seokjin hyung is going to make dinner for us,” Namjoon told me.
“Does he need help?” I asked, moving to stand up.
“Don’t worry about it today,” Namjoon grabbed my wrist and pulled me back down, “You just got here from America. You must be tired.”
“Jogeum,” I admitted. Ok that was a lie. I wasn’t a little tired, I was extremely tired. The jet lag was really starting to hit, plus dragging around my suitcases around the city and the confusion of dorm mix ups was really taking a toll on me.
“Take a nap if you want,” Namjoon threw a blanket at me, “Dinner won’t be done for a while.”

사랑해!! ❤❤