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Happy Wednesday everyone! I feel like it has been a while since I last posted for this community, but at last I am back! Today is Hoody's special day so lets show her some love!
For her special day I thought I would share a few clips from an interview that she did on Chang Ryeol's Old School Radio! Enjoy

Part 1: So this video came out last year around the time of Hoody's "By Your Side" EP album came out in 2016 . In the video they kind of briefly touch on thr topics of Hoody being the first lady of AOMG and how all of the other memebers( Jay Park , Gray, Simon D, and Loco) helped her with her album.

Part 2: In this short clip of the video Ryeol touches on the fact that he thinks that Hoody has an amazing and unique sound(right). He also ask her who has the most swag in AOMG and of course she says Park Jaebum for a few different reasons lol.

Part 3: So this clip is a little longer, but Hoody part doesnt start till 1:07 and thats actually where the english subtitles begin. In this she takes about people that she looks up amd the kind of stlyes amd things that she admires. She has also touches on the fact that she wants to get rid of biases about rapping and try out new styles together. Sounds good to me Hoody. Do your thing!

*Credit for all videos goes to intlaomg official Youtube channel *

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