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What If The Story Went This Way?

Beauty and the Beast:

I saw this posted on Facebook (original artist was not tagged, sorry!) and people were discussing whether or not the story could be written this way.

Some people said no, because the princesses always needed to be pretty to appeal to the audience, or that men would never give a hideous woman a chance...

Others said that this could totally work, and would have possibly made an even more interesting story!

For me, I can't imagine a "beastly" girl with a horrible attitude (because remember, Beast is really mean in the beginning) having a handsome man fall in love with her. I could see if she had a nice personality and looked like an animal it could work, but not if she was mean.

And why is that!? Why is it always okay for the men to be assholes in the beginning (think of so many romantic comedies!) but we give them a chance anyway. It's so rare that rude women eventually soften and become the love interest.

I'm surprised by myself that I can't imagine it. Very strange...

I'd love to hear what you think!

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I could see it working, because if people have gotta hurt before they become closed off or mean in a way (hints the Beast) if people who don't understand try to get close will get hurt but there are people out there willing to get hurt cuz they care (hints the Beauty) about everyone.
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I think it would still work if she had a not so good attitude in the beginning just like he did. But you are right that women characters with bad attitudes are never looked upon favorably/ never win in the end so that's why I think it's weird for some to think it would work, even though that turn around for male characters is par for the course in most movies, dramas, or books. That art is adorable though and I really want to see this now lol.
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This would be interesting to watch. I'm not so sure it would work out though.. Because a guys usual first instinct would be to destroy the "beast" if it means the beast would be taking the only person they have in life??
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only male lion have like those mane.a female lion have no mane like those.
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I'd love to see this
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