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Chapter 3 A week of constant sex with Jimin was like ecstasy. If not once but at least twice a day we would have some kind of interaction between the two of us, by the end of the week though I needed a break to recover. Instead of going out with Jimin I went out with one of my other friends, Tad. He was a friend from work that I had acquired.  It was noon time so we went out for some coffee and snacks. “What has you glowing? “ Tad asked as we settled into a spot at the cafe. “Am I?” I flushed touching my cheeks. “Boyfriend?” Tag hedged making me laugh. “like I have time for one of those” I chuckled shaking my head. Granted the amount of time I was spending with Jimin was a lot. “So not boyfriend, that's good to know” he grinned. Tad was a good looking guy, tall and muscular in a kind of way that filled him out, when he grinned like that it could melt a girl. Not this girl, but other ones.   “What has been going on with you? We haven't caught up in a couple weeks” I started. “I broke up with my girlfriend so” he shrugged. “What?  I thought you two were steady? How long were you with her?” I asked curious. “lasted a month. She just wasn't right” he sighed “Not as cute as you are” he chuckled as he reached out and pinched my cheek. Laughing I pulled away and rubbed my cheek. “Well aren't you sweet” I chuckled “but wrong”I added. “No I'm not, your adorable  and you know it.” he pinched my cheek again. “stop it” I batted his hands away from me, smiling  as I did so. “Alright alright “ he behaved. “So what kind of project are you working on now?” I asked him. “Hmm promotional  work for some restaurant opening up.” he shrugged “You?” he asked. “Going through reviews of products” I sighed. “I've been staring at a screen for the past 3 days looking at online reviews, surveys people filled out and any blogs featuring any products  from the company.  I'm actually sick of skin care products now” I sighed frustrated. Tad just laughed. “You got the brunt end of the stick, at least I'm creating flyers and promotional ads at the moment” he said. Each of our jobs contributed to promoting brands just in different ways. I did research after products sell and he got the brand recognized by the public. We spent a couple minutes going over work before filtering back to our personal lives. “How about we do drinks and dinner tomorrow night?” Tad questioned as my phone rang. “it's Monday tomorrow” I said digging out my phone. “Yea, maybe after work we could -” “Hold on I have to take this” I said seeing Jiminie Cricket  on the screen, “Oh okay” Tad said taken aback as I answered.   “Hello “ I answered smiling. “I'm on lunch break, meet me at your place” Jimin said curtly. “Uhm right now? “ I questioned avoiding eye contact t with tad. “unless you don't want to be filled to the brim with me” he growled making my neither regions clench. “I do” I bit my lip at that keeping any noise coming out with the words. “ 10 minutes Gracie” Jimin said and hung up. “Who was that?” Tad asked. “co-worker, I have a couple files I didn't get them. They're at home” I said. “Do they need them now?” he asked sounding disappointed.   “Yes, sadly they're waiting for it to finish the numbers “ I said standing up.”We'll get together soon” I told him. “What about tomorrow?” he asked grabbing my wrist as I Stood next to him. “Yea,  that should be fine’” I nodded distracted. I left and got a taxi back to my apartment. I had expected to see Jimin here before me, he didn't disappoint.  The moment I walked into my place I was pressed against my door Jimin’s mouth on my mine against his hands roaming along my body. My leg moved so that I could spread my legs a bit as he started bunching up my skirt I undid his buckle. “I've been thinking of your tight sheath all morning. My cock balls deep inside of you” Jimin groaned “God yes,” I moaned as I felt his fingers enter me. “Your already wet” he said. “Stop teasing me” I hissed as I gripped his hair. It didn't stop him from pressing his mouth to my skin. I thought he was ignoring me as he continued to lick my collarbone and use his fingers, but just as I was on the brink of Ecstasy he slid out of me, and his cock rammed into me. My arms gripped his hair holding him in place. When we were finished I slid my skirt down and unwrinkled myself. “Where were you at?” Jimin asked walking into the kitchen. “I was out with Tad” I said following him. “Who?” Jimin wrinkled his nose making me laugh. “A friend from work” I said pulling out my phone. I had a message from Tad. :Date night tomorrow :) looking forward to it. My face blanched. “What's wrong?” Jimij asked. “Uhm  I'm not entirely sure” I said looking at my phone. “Is my little Gracie shy all of a sudden” Jimin grinned poking my cheek. He continued to do so until I batted his hand away and paid attention to him. “Um not embarrassed, confused is more like it” I said. “Confused?” He gasped. “What has you confused?” He questioned shocked. I sighed and showed him my phone with the message displayed on it. Jimin took the phone from my hands and with a devilish grin started typing away. “What are you doing!” I exclaimed reaching for my phone back. “Give it back. Come on Jimin don't message him back” I exclaimed doing a little dance around him as he kept turning away from me. “There all done” Jimin grinned as he stopped and handed my phone back to me. I took my phone and looked at what he sent to Tad. “I'm an innocent/not so innocent girl. I have no idea what your talking about” I read out loud. I gave a look at Jimin  who was grinning, but his eyes looked like he was furious. It shocked me. “And not so innocent, really?” I said. “After what we've been up to I know your not innocent. Not even a little.” He grinned. “Oh Jimin make me come, deeper deeper, I need it hard and rough. Slap my ass you bad boy” he mimicked me which just made me laugh at him. “I never said slap my ass” I chuckled. “You did call me a bad boy and slap in the same sentence” he teased. I thought about that one for a second and laughed. “We were playing video games, I said you bad boy I'm gonna slap you upside the head for that move!” I laughed. my phone dinged telling me I got a message. ‘I asked you out before you left in a rush’ it read. “Your not going out with that guy are you?” Jimin questioned sobering up from his laughter. I huffed. “No. I wasn't planning on it” I said. “Than friend zone his ass” Jimin huffed crossing his arms over his chest. I peered at him. “Should I really be taking your advice on this?” I questioned. “Yes” he nodded which made me laugh. “Yes sure I will” I chuckled. I sent another text to Tad in response. ‘I'm not looking to date right now Tad. I thought you knew I was focused on work right now’. “What are you doing for the rest of the day?” Jimin asked peering over my shoulder at what I wrote. Nosy boy. “Focus on work?” He chuckled. “Good one.” “Hey I am focused on work. What do you think my time is mostly spent doing?” I glared at him. “Looking at things online” he shrugged. “And there goes you knowing what I do for a living” I sighed. “Oh I know what you do” he had a bottle of juice in his hands and was drinking from it now. I waited for him to finish and talk again. “You look at people's reviews of products” he said. “You make it sound simple” I chuckled. “Oh yea, tell me what I do for a living?” He shot back. “You dance around on stage and sing for a living” I told him. “I do much more then that” he huffed. “See you don't like the simplified version of your job either” I shot back. He was quiet for a minute than nodded. “Your right I don't.” He shook his head. “He message you yet?” Jimin changed the subject setting the juice on the counter. “Yes” I said looking at my phone. “When you are looking for an actual relationship let me know. I'll be the first in line” I read out loud. I groaned. Jimin grabbed my phone from me and looked at it, than at me, a dark look on his face. He wrapped his arm around me and presses his lips to mine. “Your mine at the moment Gracie” he groaned as he pressed his mouth to mine again. “Fuck I need you again” he mumbled into my ear. With that voice so breathy in my ear desire shot up my body. “Fuck Jimin” I groaned. “The couch this time” I instructed. As we fucked on the couch I could have sworn I heard Jimin growling “mine” under his breath. I let it go thinking it was just in the moment.
ohhhhhhh~ jimin got some you know~😏😏but damnnn jimin you know you can *cough cough* claim me as yours right *cough cough* *blushes and runs away*
ah I love this...Jimin is claiming what he wants lol
Oooo...mine huh?! lol 😆
OH SNAP!! Someone sounds like they want to renegotiate the terms of the arrangement... he seems like there is a touch of possessiveness with him