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Credit to the amazing person who made this 💖💖 Anyway! Today I'm letting you guys know about how I got into Hightlight|Beast. This was supposed to be posted earlier (last week) but I don't know why I didn't.. So it all started when I was into J.Reyez and other underground rappers on YouTube. Anyway, him and Tommy C made an English cover of Taeyangs wedding dress, they also gave credit and told people to check out the original. I was really into the song so I looked it up and that's how I got into kpop. After that I was just on Taeyangs pandora most of the time and a group named Beast came up, the song was nice and I really liked it, every time I went on pandora I always forgot who they were but when they came up it was the highlight of my day.. XD the song that I heard and fell in love with was Oasis. Kikwangs and Hyunseungs voices are the reasons I fell for them..
I didn't totally know who they were but I always looked forward to their music. Then my sister showed me Big Bang, and YouTube suggested 'Beautiful.'
This was the first music video I saw from them and I hated the girl for leaving Junhyung cause he broke his arm! Like WTF!? I was mad, but I also hated Kikwang cause she went to him.. the video pissed me off but I still really loved the song. Then it took me maybe more than a week to find 'I like you the best' but that's only cause I didn't know it was right there xP I mean, can you blame me? I was new and knew nothing.
After that, and till this day, I don't like the girl... hahaha but I did become a fan, so I'm okay. Anyway, after that I just dug deeper and deeper and then started watching their dramas, solos and 'Shadow' is the first comeback I was with them and Big Bang totally fell back.. I don't know how it happened but it did..
I'm in too deep now so when Hyunseung left I was really sad and devastated. My sister says I cried but I won't acknowledge it, nope.. after that, I still stayed with them because I love them! And then when they decided to leave Cube, I was all for it. But it did kinda scare me cause 'what's gonna happen?' 'Are they gonna be okay?' Things like that went through my head, but I trusted them and stayed nonetheless. And things started looking up when they announced AroundUS entertainment. But again, we were worried about the name 'Beast' and I love the name and wanted them to keep it, but Cubes a b$;)# and didn't let them. I love them for them and not the name so when they said that their new name was 'Highlight' I wasn't so thrilled. But either way, regardless of their name, I'm staying cause they make me happy. Now as 'Highlight' they have a new beginning and I'm more in love now then I was then. The music is great as always, so I'm hoping you guys enjoy as well!! •it's still beautiful
•Please don't be sad