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Giala's POV
"Try again then" I said, raising my eyebrow when he told me to basically shut up. I heard V sigh slightly to himself and released my hand a little. "Giala, will you go out with me?" He said again. I could tell he was nervous by he way his hands were slightly sweating, but I didn't say anything, because this was just practice so it's totally normal to be a little uncomfortable.
I guess. I really haven't done this before.
As I was thinking to myself V looked at me a little confused, since I wasn't saying anything.
"Giala?" he asked, snapping me out of my own thoughts. I almost jolted and looked at him a little surprised.
"ya?' I asked.
"Aren't you going to say something?" he asked me, raising his eyebrows.
"Oh, ya, sorry." I smiled embarrassed and got back into my role.
"Of coarse. I've been waiting for you to say something." I smiled again, saying the first thing that came to mind. V's checks tinted a pink, which caused me to laughed to myself a little at his seriousness.
"It's just pretend. Don't worry. I didn't mean anything I said." I said, giving him an encouraging smile. V only looked at me, still embarrassed.
"I know that." He said, quickly darting his eyes away. "I'm just visualizing what she would say that's all." his words causing me to smile even bigger, because that meant that my idea was working faster than I thought it was.
"Good, then you're getting over your girlfriend." V released my hands and coughed rather loudly, like he was trying not to think of something and sat back down on his chair exhausted.
"Sure." He said. I sat on the chair next to him and leaned on one of my hands . "Then, since I helped you you can help me figure out a plan to kill brother."
V coughed again, but instead the air was full of surprised.
"Kill him? You're not going to run away?" He asked, shock written on his face, but I shook my head.
"No. I thought I was going to, but I think it's better this way. This way I won't be on the run anymore and be able to live a normal life."
"Then are you going to go back and lead your pack?" V asked.
Again I shook my head. "No. It's not really my pack. I'm an illegitament child, so I'm not really the rightful sucessor, and besides I've been stuck in a room for the past nine years I don't know the first thing about leadership."
"where are you going to go then?" V asked me. I shrugged my shoulder and looked at him.
"I was thinking of staying in this area. I found my only friend after all these years and I don't want to lose you again. I can find a job and earn a living and buy an apartment."
"You shouldn't say that so easily. I'm going to get the impression that you like me." He mumbled.
I laughed and sat up. "I mean that as a friend. I'm not trying to steal you away from that other girl."I smiled jokingly.
V didn't say anything.
We both sat on the kitchen table and I could only guess he was actually doing what I asked. A few minutes passed and I started to tap my finger nails on the wooden table, the clicking rhythm penetrating our ears. V looked at my fingers hit the surface curiously, and I could tell he was thinking about something.
"Do you have an idea?" I asked after a few seconds, a little hopeful.
His eyes flickered up to me and I saw him shake his head. "No."
"Oh." I said, looking back at my nails flicking upon the wooden table.
How do I kill my brother? I don't know how we would trick him to come willing near me with out a weapon..... mmmm, maybe- maybe I could use Namjoon.....
"V!" I said, excitedly after a moment. He looked at my surprised and widen his eyes slightly.
"Ya?" He asked, shifting in his chair, so he was sitting straight in his chair. His dark eyes locked onto mine and he folded his arms on the table, giving me his full attention.
"I know how we can kill my brother." I said, unknowingly leaning in happily. "But you need to trust me." V looked at my skeptically, wondering what I could of thought that it would need him to trust me.
"What is it?" He asked me.
"We use Namjoon against them. If we use Rosanna then he would come to our side and it would be three against one. I doubt my brother would bring anyone that would take away the glory for him of killing me so he would be alone." I smiled a little at my plan, expecting V to agree to it, but he only frowned.
"We're not using Rosanna." He said, his voice becoming cold, as he shook his head slightly.
"Why not? Nothing is going to happen to her. I swear." I said, arguing my case.
Again V shook his head. "No. It's to dangerous."
"Come on." I pleaded.
"No." He said again.
"What if we make a deal?" I said.
"You can't make a deal regarding someone's life Giala." V said, his eyes narrowed disapprovingly, but I rolled my eyes. "I know that okay, but I never said she had to be there."
"I thought you wanted me to break up with her anyway. Why are suggesting that I stay with her longer now?" I sighed heavily and leaned back.
"We can fake her appearance. We can say that she's coming, but she's not."
"How do you know he would fall for it?" V asked.
"If he really loves her then he wouldn't put her in danger. I think it's pretty simple." V sighed and laid back into his seat. "I still don't believe Namjoon would do something like this though. He's been my friend since we were kids." He said, scratching his head. 
I sighed, to tired at this point to argue with him, and got up, drawing V's attention up to me.
"Where are you going?" He asked.
"To my room." I said simply. V pressed his lips together, like he wanted to say something, but only nodded, his eyes watching my back as I walked away and shut my door.