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The two days later, when I had  just woken up I heard a knock at my door. I sighed, still half a asleep, since I had only slept a few hours. I knew in a day or two my brother was going to be here, and I still miserably hadn't convinced V. I  yawned and scratched my knotted hair, throwing the door open.  
"Do you know what time it is?" I asked, yawning as I did so again. V looked at me, a smile plastered on his face. He didn't seem to care at the least.
"Lets go to an amusement park." He said instantly, grabbing my hands excitedly; however, I instantly gripped the door frame, jerking V backwards. 
"Hold it." I said sternly, fully awake now. V turned his head back to me, staring at me curiously. "What?" He asked. 
"We can't go. I still need to figure out of to stop my brother." I jerked my hand free and sighed again. "And besides.... I don't know what this" amusement park" is, but I don't really want to find out." I said completely serious.
 V laughed for a second, then shut his mouth remembering that I had never been outside the woods. He instantly tried to the best of his ability to describe the fun rides that people waited hours inline for to ride onece, but I was still completely lost, and at some point he gave up and grabbed my hands. "You just need to experience to fully know what it's like" And this time as he pulled me out of my room I couldn't resist his strong grip. 
 V and I walked on the pavement floor to the entrance of the park with the sun shinning bright on our faces. I looked at  him curiously from the side and realized V hadn't stopped smiling from the moment we ran out of the house.
Doesn't his jaw get tired? I thought, but by the judge of the situation I guessed not. 
"Which on do you want to go on first?" He asked me, excitedly, his child-like eyes darting around. This was all so new to me, and I had never been around so much people before. The party Namjoon took me too was fairly small compared to the families who were yelling, laughing and running with their kids, and I felt kind of uncomfortable. I looked around at the various signs and spotted one that read roller coaster. 
I guess I'll just go with the flow... I can think about my plan while I'm here
A few seconds passed with my silence until I spoke up. "How about a roller coaster. That doesn't sound to scary?" I asked
V smiled mishieviously.
"Why don't you find out if it is or not." He said, starting to walk away.  I only sighed and continued to walk faster to keep up with him. 
After a few minutes of walking, and a thirty minute wait in line V and I finally got onto a roller coaster, as he put it. I felt my stomach hitch as the brace was put over me, restricting my movements. 
"What is this contraption?" I said, trying to get free, disliking the restriction it put me in, but V who was strapped in next to me only laughed. "Unless you want to fall out I wouldn't break it." He said, "If you're scared then you can hold my hand." I glared at him. "I'm not scared, and I don't want to hold your hand." V only laughed again at my words and retracted his hand that had been extended to me. "Suit yourself." He said, and for some reason I could tell he was embarrassed.
In the next few seconds the contraption we were tied into lifted of the ground and slowly started to move straight up into an incline. Sweat broke out on my forehead as we climbed higher and higher. 
We're so high....
I looked to my side and saw that V was looking over the edge, smiling. The machine finally reached the top and slowly began to move over the top, and before I knew it we were falling straight down. The wind whipped at my face, and I screamed at the top of my lungs along with everyone else. My knuckles turned completely white as I held onto dear life as the roller coaster took us through loops and other drops. I thought for sure I, some time during the ride, was going to die. I breathed heavily as it slowly came to a stop, back at where we got on, the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I heard a click as the bars holding us released as I slowly got up, my legs a little shaken. 
When we were back on the main walk way in the park I lifted one of my hands to my heart, still not okay with what I just went through. 
"What the hell was that!" I said, looking at V. He smiled, and looked down. "Were you scared?" He asked, laughing. 
"Hell ya I was. You could of told me that was going to happen. I thought I was going to die!" I yelled, just loud enough for him to hear me. 
V laughed again. "I can tell since you haven't let go of my hand since the first drop." He joked, causing me to look down. " you have a really strong grip." I tighten my jaw and released our hands, and this time if was my turn to get embarrassed.
"Whatever." I huffed. "Let's go." V ran to keep up with me and put his hands in his pockets, a smile once again on his face.
The next few hours was a blur of screams as V kept suggesting to go on roller coasters, and I, who didn't want to look like a wimp, went on agreeing. Every signal time unintentionally grabbing V's hand. For the time being, though, I had totally forgotten about my brother and the nearby forest that was growing next to the park.
"One more." V said happily, the sun now setting softly in the distance. The subtle pink, red and orange lighting up his already happy face. I looked at him, completely screamed out and shook my head. "I can't go on another one." V frowned a little and took my hand. "Come on it will be fun."  I sighed again and voluntarily let him lead me into the short line. I had realized it had pretty much settled down hours ago and only the hard core amusement park people were left.
"Let's take a picture after the ride." V said, smiling again. I only nodded, not really paying attention, and looked around. Maybe is was being dragged around for hours, or the tiredness that was washing over me, but I felt a sudden pair of eyes dig into my back. I let my eyes wonder around to the people standing in front of us.
No one seems to be paying any attention to us though..... guh Giala you're just tired. Snap out of it. 
I decided to looked in the back eventhough, and instantly ran into a man that wasn't there before. My face knocked right into his shirt and something about it smelled familiar, but before I could figure it out I felt someone pull me backwards.
 I was V.
"Hey are you ok?" He said looking at me. I rubbed my nose, but didn't reply, because as I looked up at the guy my eyes were fixed on his eyes. He was wearing a mask that covered his face and a simple black hat, his simple ripped pants, black shirt made it impossible to see who he was. All that was showing was his deep colored eyes.
"Giala?" V's voice rang in my ears again; however, I didn't take my graze off the guy. Soon the man peered down at me from his phone, which I was pretty sure was for show, and I could feel a smile creep up on his face behind the mask. V, after another second, curiously looked up at the guy, a deep frown forming on his face.
 "Hey, aren't you going to say anything?" V asked, anger starting to form in his words. The man just ignored him and kept staring at me. V, now really annoyed, for the precious reason of being ignored, slightly bared his teeth, grabbing my hand forcefully, and leading me away from the mysterious man, probably to leave before his eyes changed. I hesitantly followed, all the while feeling the eyes of the man on my back. 
He smelled like the forest.. I thought finally as V stopped a good distance away from the man. "It was really strong too..."
"Who does that guy think he is?" V growled, after we had walked a good distance away from the man, his eyes slightly a light green. 
I instantly snapped out of daze, seeing the green color, and and quickly put my hands over his eyes. "V, calm down. We're in public." I said, looking around nervously. We stood there for a few seconds as I felt his chest rise up and down when he suddenly grabbed my wrists lightly. "It's fine. no one is around." He said simply. I frowned and stepped closer to reach better. "That doesn't matter. You shouldn't let your eyes change in public. Are you wearing your moon ring?" I asked worriedly. I felt his eye lashes tickled my skin as he rolled his eyes, and let him carefully removed my hands. "Don't worry I always have it with me" he said showing me his pointer finger. I breathed a sigh of relief and stepped back. "I don't think I see the guy anymore." I said, watching the few people that had excited the nearby ride. "Good. I didn't like the way he was looking at you." V said, looking around too. This time it was my turn to roll me eyes at him. 
"Don't be so protective over me." I said. "I can take care of myself." 
V laughed harshly. "You were so engrossed in that guy's eyes that I had to steer you away. What was so amazing about him anyway?" 
I shrugged my shoulders, not sure of it myself. "He smelled like the forest, so I guess I thought he was my brother."
"Well he's gone now." V said, steering his eyes back on me from looking cautiously around. Even if he didn't want to admit it, I could tell he didn't want to take any chances. "Let's go home." He said finally after a second seconds, and I nodded in agreement, both of us starting to walk towards the exit.
-3rd person-
Behind them however, they were not aware the same man was trailing them. His dark green eyes, that had to be concealed for a few minutes, now was showing openly. He wasn't transfixed on the rides he had never seen before, because in all honesty he didn't care. All he wanted was to grab what he had now came for and leave. He watched, from behind as the girl walked along side his subject. A pit of jealously born. Jungkook lifted up his mask a little bit more, ducking his head down as he did so, just as a person walked by. He didn't care about Yoongi's drive to kill her, because that's not why he came along. A few months ago he was supposed to marry the alpha of the neighboring pack. He was finally able to see the girl he had been engaged to for years. Who had restricted him from seeing any other girl. He even "lost" Yoongi and Namjoon back a few hours ago so he could find her himself, and it was only luck that he exited this part of the forest. He was curious as to what she looked like, and now that he had he was intrigued. The way she talked and acted was something that interested him. He wanted the girl alive.  

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Oooo...Jungkook makes his appearance and he wants her alive?! Interesting turn of events, can't wait to see what happens next.