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Come join our guild chat!!!

Our guild is looking for new members and we'd love to have you among our ranks!

So what do you do in our Guild? We mainly chat and sometimes role play; when it comes to holidays, we usually do something to celebrate! It's really just about people who want to make amazing friends and hang out ^^

Our only two rules are to remember to keep the chat PG13 and be respectful to everyone!

If you are interested in joining, please comment or PM me.

Thanks for reading!!!

(Yes, yes, I know. This is my fourteenth million post like this xD)

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Sure! Do you know if you can create a new account? And what was your old account?
10 months ago·Reply
ya i got a new account created and i believe my old acct was revonix or sonething like that
10 months ago·Reply
I would love to join FairyTail is my ultimate anime I'm in love with it and can't have enough ❤ and I love to meet new ppl especially if I can be my crazy fangirling self without being judged lol
10 months ago·Reply
This is a dream come true
9 months ago·Reply
couldn't find how to message you but rp ?
5 months ago·Reply