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Who: Jung Kiseok x reader x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek

What: Smut clef: a new musical scale between Alto and Treble. When you hit the right note, oh boy the sounds you will hear if you catch my drift.

Story: Your main boyfriend is a dominant by every sense of the word. You quite like it, the roughness, the demands but also the way he treats you like his most precious possession. One thing about your boyfriend though is he really likes to share and soon you find yourself submissive to not one, not two but three men. Three Masters with different personalities but somehow the same. What the hell are you about to get into....

Y/n's POV

Your mouse hovered over that button for minutes wondering if you should click it or not. Kiseok might be mad if you did it without his permission but you were curious to see if you could make it. The past two years of your life had belonged to Kiseok and you didn't want to leave him or do anything to make him upset but you needed to do this. Your heart was beating hard for some reason, like the slight action of applying was the most exhilarating thing ever. You were just about to click apply when the doorknob to Jay's office began to turn. You quickly clicked out of it and moved to your history to delete the evidence. He was half way in the office, still kind of talking to someone in the hallway. You quickly set the computer on the desk and went back to playing the game you were on before Kiseok called you. Good thing you kept the page up. Jay walked all the way in and closed the door behind him.

"Hey babydoll." He said.

"Hi." You said focusing on the game.

Your mind was other places though, your heart was still kind of racing. The fact that you felt like you were doing something you knew you shouldn't have been doing was weird. You were just looking for a job. Jay sat down in his chair and placed his papers on the desk when he looked down and picked something up. He chuckled, drawing your attention away from the computer screen. Your eyes widened.


He'd picked up your panties from the ground.

How did I forget about my underwear?

Jay looked at you. You were hoping he wouldn't look at the history, you had deleted the page but you never looked at the time jump. If the history started recording when you were active again on the page you may have been screwed. He smiled,

"Were you watching porn Y/n?" he chuckled teasingly.

"Kiseok called." You said plainly.

His hand came and snatched your chin so you'd look at him. His eyes washed over your face observing your features, trying to read your expression. He gave you a smirk and raised your panties to his nose to smell them. You felt your face get hot, the action alone was embarrassing but some how hot.

"You smell so good baby doll. You miss him alot don't you?" He said with a grin.

You nodded silently watching him. He came over to you and his hand came to your thigh, he smoothed it up your leg and snuck under your skirt while watching your face. It was blank still, he didn't like that you weren't giving him much. You just felt out of it though. He was trying to bring you back into it. He gripped your thigh getting a little gasp out of you. He crashed his lips onto yours but the rough kiss soon became sweet and lingered. You wanted roughness so you pulled him onto your lips more. He chuckled against your lips pulling from you to get you to chase him.

"He had you touch yourself?"

You nodded following his lips. He pulled from you more with a smile,

"He let you cum?"


"Your fingers aren't as long, I'm sure you didn't get that amazing orgasm that you live for." He teased with an even bigger grin.

His hands came down heavy onto the arms of the chair you were sitting on so you'd have to lean back. You looked into his eyes; Jay seemed a little more feral than the other times he had you. You made yourself small in the chair which seemed to edge him more, you must've looked like prey. He leaned over to get to your ear and just hearing his breathing made your body come to life. You felt his finger hook into the space of your shirt between buttons.

"You're going to let me fuck you baby doll."

He flicked your shirt to pop a button open.

"Yes Daddy." You mewled.

He smiled impressed by the sound you made and obviously the phrase had sparked something in him because you could see him grow in his pants. His hand covered your breasts, cupping and squeezing them while he leaned into your neck. He kissed the sensitive region just between your neck and shoulder lightly. His plump lips only made soft advances against your skin making you frustrated. He could hear it in your moan and the way you fidgeted below him. He took pleasure in the fact that you wanted more and he wasn't going to give it to you. His big hand trailed from squeezing your breast to unbuttoning your shirt and you whimpered under him, you wanted him to go faster but he was just pissing you off by moving slow. He used only the tip of his tongue to lick up your neck where Kiseok and Jay, himself, usually flattened their tongue and pressed hard into your skin like you were melting ice cream they had to lick up quick. You exhaled in a short breath. You looked up at him annoyed,

"You said you'd fuck me." You said.

He looked at you with a smile.

"What if Kiseok heard you call me Daddy like that? Isn't that your name for him in bed, let me guess his is baby girl? The little thief."

Jay chuckled as he lifted your chin to reveal your now ashamed face for using the term you used specially for Kiseok.

"What if I didn't fuck you? What if I made love to you princess? Maybe you should be mine, at least with me I'd take you on my tours. Kiseok couldn't possibly understand what you go through being left alone with no friends and even worse to be given to two strange men. If you were mine baby girl, I'd never let another man touch you."

He leaned in to kiss your lips; your eyes were wide opened, stunned by Jay's words. They unsettled you but they unsettled you because you found some sort of hope in them. Kiseok didn't understand how you felt all alone while he was on tour and being given to those two without a proper introduction in advance was so unfair but his response was something you knew all too well. A phrase he'd never tire of using or reminding you of.

You're mine, you agreed I could do whatever I want to you no questions asked.

Aside from your hard limits, Kiseok had kept his word as well as you had kept to yours. He did whatever he wanted and you didn't ask. You pushed Jay away from you, you had tears running down and it was now apparent you had no intention of being touched. He looked at you shocked.

"Don't touch me." You said upset.

He pulled your chin to his face but you slapped his hand away,

"I said stop." You shouted.

"Don't raise your voice at me." He said very seriously.

He hovered over you, once again grabbing the arms of the chair.

"Red." You said your safe word hoping he'd just give up.

"Y/n I was kidding about what I said. Kiseok would kill me if I ever tried to take you from him." Jay said kneeling down.

For a split second he'd become a strict Master, far scarier than Mintaek but in an instant when he realized what he'd said to trigger your tears he calmed down. He was the Guardian again; you didn't realize he could flip so quickly if you became that defiant how would Mintaek be? You weren't sure you even wanted to test that out.

"Y/n look at me." He said.

You were still crying, crying hard but the odd thing was you couldn't be heard. You didn't sound like you were crying but tears were streaming like a waterfall down your face. You felt odd, hurt but somehow like he was right. This situation you were in was crazy, too crazy for your own good but you couldn't see yourself walking away from Kiseok. You didn't want someone to make love to you, you wanted to be fucked but you wanted Kiseok to be the one to do it. You wanted him to be rough, you wanted him because he knew all the things you liked and didn't, he knew how to push you without throwing you over the edge. He was rough with you but he didn't dare break you, you were to precious to him for him to do that.

"Why would you cry?" He asked.

"Don't say things like that."


"Stop. You don't get it, neither you or Mintaek get it I am Kiseok's even if he's not mine. Even joking like that would piss him off don't do that, just don't." You said.

Jay sighed softly,

"Alright Y/n I'll let you be." He said.

He went back and sat down at his desk and got to work, you weren't sure on what though. You went back to your computer and turned off the sound. You went and looked back at the website for the modeling agency across the street. You were careful not to raise suspicion. Your heart was still racing, your ears rang with Jay's words:

Maybe you should be mine.

If you were mine baby girl I'd never let another man touch you.

Jay could probably tell what your heart's inner desire was. His words sounded sincere and not that of a joke and that was dangerous. You told him you were his and for the moments you were with him you were. What he said could've been a joke or very real and you weren't sure which it was. You focused on the application but most of the stuff they had on there was asking for your back ground in modeling. You had none so the idea of applying quickly fell flat. You looked up at Jay staring down at his papers hard. You turned to the window and looked down below, a man was staring up at the building but you couldn't see his face quite well. He was just staring up at the building but you just had an eerie feeling about it. You looked to Jay,

"Hey you're not expecting anyone are you?" You asked.
"No why?" He asked looking up at you.

"There's just a man staring up here like he's lost." You said.

Jay's eyebrows furrowed, he stood up and looked out the window. It took a few moments but Jay pulled you from the window,

"Sit down and stay here." He said sternly.

He got up and walked out of the office. He was gone for several minutes which made you wonder what the hell was going on. He said he wasn't waiting for anyone. He only came back in the office about twenty minutes later and told you to pack your things because Mintaek was taking you for the rest of the night.

"Already? Did I make you upset?" You asked.

He stepped up to you and brushed your cheek with the back of his fingers.

"You didn't do anything wrong baby doll. You just have to go now I have something's to do. I can't be distracted." He said.

"Doesn't that mean you're mad at me?" You asked.

He shook his head,

"No but I've got some things to take care of I can't really take you along with me. Just get packed no more questions he'll be here soon." He said.

He kissed your forehead careful not to spark another issue between you two. Jay became gentle and caring when things were calm but right now he seemed tense and worried despite the fake smile he was putting on. You didn't fight it, you honestly didn't even feel like questioning it. You packed your bags and Jay escorted you downstairs to wait for Mintaek. He pulled up to the front and Jay led you out but the way he did Jay's hand was gripped onto your arm and he was almost dragging you to his car before hurrying you into the back seat.

"Wait can't I sit up front?" You asked.

"No stay back there." Mintaek said.

Jay closed the door and Mintaek said goodbye hella quick and drove off. You sat up in the back seat after being pushed back by the force of the car. You leaned over and said,

"What's this all about anyway, I wasn't supposed to go to you until later on tonight."

"Didn't Jay tell you?"

"Tell me what?" You said.

"He has some stupid meeting he needs to go to. He won't be able to keep an eye on you and take care of business like he needs to." Mintaek said.

"He left me in his office almost all day alone while he took care of business what's a few more hours?" You asked.

"This meeting is somewhere else Y/n. He can't take you that's that. Sit back and hush up."

You sat back in the back seat with a pout,

"You're so mean." You grumbled.

He chuckled. He ended up driving you to the penthouse and told you to go pack your stuff. He wanted you to stay at his place for a little while before Kiseok came back. You tried to ask why but he stopped you short and sternly told you to just go do it and be quick. If you weren't down in ten minutes he was coming up. You really didn't want to stay with him but at this point you had no option, if you opposed any more there would be punishment and then he'd tell Kiseok. You headed inside the building and took the elevator up. You wondered if he included the ride up the elevator in the ten minutes. You didn't even ask how long he wanted you at his place. You figured enough for three nights might be enough; it wasn't like he couldn't take you back to the penthouse whenever he wanted. When you got to the top floor, the door to the penthouse was open. You walked closer to look at it, the lock was broken, like someone forced the door open. You pushed the door open but quickly jumped back just in case. You stared at the image laid out before you. You walked through the door to see the couch had been cut open and the stuffing was pulled out of it. The curtains hand been pulled down and ripped up. The kitchen was a mess, pots and pans pulled out and glass on the ground, walking in there with no shoes on was asking for trouble. Out of all of that it wasn't as disturbing as one particular sight.

Your panties scattered on the floor.

White rose petals were everywhere. You were frozen in horror. All the lingerie that Kiseok bought you was scattered on the floor. You looked up at the stairs and saw one of the pieces hanging from the railing. Whoever did this had gone into your room. You saw on the wall was written: she's his slut. You covered your mouth and slowly walked upstairs into your room. The sheets were on the ground, the bed had white and red petals on it while the writing above the wall said: I'll take her from you like you did to me.

The things he bought you were on the floor, the mirror in the bathroom was smashed. The sun dress he bought you was cut up and shredded. Your drawers were thrown out of the dresser. Your closet was raided. Kiseok's things were everywhere. The place was hell, it looked like two tornado's and a hurricane stormed through there. The part that hurt you was that you were cut out of the photos of you and Kiseok together but over Kiseok was written: rot in hell. You ran out of the room crying and down the stairs. You ran out of the penthouse and to the elevator. You kept hitting the button to go down while breaking down. The doors opened and Mintaek's eyes flited from the wall to you. His hand came down from his hair to hold you the moment you jumped in his arms. You were crying and talking at the same time but your hand covered your mouth and muffled your words even more.

"Hey what's gotten into you, it's not like I punish you that bad." He said trying to make you laugh you supposed.

You tried to calm down enough,

"Someone-broke in- to the penthouse." You said through sniffs and breaths.

Mintaek's eyes narrowed and he seemed more tense now. He was defensive and he started to walk to the door. You tried to hold onto him,

"No, no please don't leave me." You begged.

He turned around to you and looked at you crying. He welcomed you into his arms while you cried in his chest. His hand petted the back of your head while his chin rested on the top of it.

"Listen to me puppy, I need to go in there and see. Can you calm yourself enough to come in?" He asked.

You nodded but you didn't want to go in. He pulled you along with him back to the door and he walked in to inspect the damage. You could hear him sigh and look around while he cursed under his breath. You looked around again, everything just seemed so odd and dark. Whoever did this made a mess for seemingly no reason unless they knew how Kiseok hated messes. They had to have known Kiseok even if you seemed to be targeted, you were targeted because of the rage they felt towards him. He had gone upstairs to observe everything, he was in there for a long while and he came back out on his cellphone. He probably saw no use in losing his cool not only was it not productive to the situation but he also had no emotional or personal value in the matter aside from Kiseok being his friend and for the moment you being his. He sounded like he called the police to come, you had calmed down since then but you had no idea why any of this was happening. The only thing you could think of was the man that assaulted you but you weren't sure if he knew Kiseok or not.

Was it really two random acts or was there something going on that Kiseok wasn't telling you?

You sniffed and felt tired but you were done crying.

"Puppy, I'll get your clothes packed for you when the police get here. They want to look at the place before I can touch anything." He said.

You nodded.

Your phone began to ring and when you saw it, it was Kiseok again. It had gotten later now but you didn't think he would call back so soon. Mintaek looked at you as you stared at the phone. You felt strangely angry towards him at the moment though.

What the hell was he hiding from you?

"Y/n you have to answer it." He said.

"No." You said softly but clearly upset.

You dropped the phone on the floor. Your calm went away and tears ran down your face again. Mintaek reached down to pick up the phone and answered it.

"Hey- yeah she won't pick it up. She's pretty broken up right now.- I don't think she wants to talk to you.- okay okay don't go chewing my head off!"

Mintaek held the phone out to your hand but you didn't reach for it. You wiped the running tears from your burning eyes.

"You have to talk to him." He said softly.

You shook your head while wiping your eyes,


Mintaek sighed and quickly said into the phone,

"Just tell her what you need to tell her."

He put the phone up to your ear.

"Y/n." Kiseok called your name softly.

You cried harder and finally took the phone from Mintaek but buried your face in your knees.

"Are you hurt?" He asked softly.

You sniffed,


"I'm sorry, I'll come home early. They can handle the rest of the concerts without me. I'll finish this last one and be home in two days." He said.

Just the sound of you crying was all he got as a response. You heard him sigh over the phone,

"I would never let anything happen to you baby girl you know that. I'm just glad you're safe I can replace everything in the penthouse later you don't have to cry about that. I'll find the fucker that did this. Don't worry."

"Come home." You said in a small voice.

"I'm coming as fast as I can baby. For now just trust Mintaek he'll take care of you until I'm home." He said.

Mintaek pulled the phone from you and you curled up into a ball while he ended the call. He sat next to you with a light sigh and placed his arms around you and pulled you in to lean on his chest.

The police came about five minutes after the call and asked Mintaek a bunch of questions but anytime they tried to ask you something you wouldn't answer. He answered everything for them and eventual was allowed to pack some clothes for you so you two could leave. You were silent during the ride to his place, it seemed he wasn't even going to take you to his office either. You fell asleep during the ride and Mintaek woke you up so he could take you in. He took your suitcase in first before he came out to get you and carried you inside. You wondered if the person that was after you was still targeting you was it the best thing to be at Mintaek's place but Mintaek didn't seem worried, in fact, that blank face that looked serious no matter what stayed on the entire time. He walked you into the building and past the foyer that was lit up like champagne. He by passed the living room without a second thought and headed straight for the bedroom. He laid you down on the bed and you rolled over to your side. His blanket was steel gray and the walls were black, it seemed to fit his style too. The white lily on his dresser was the only bright thing in the room and therefore the one thing that seemed most out of place.

"I found one of his shirts that weren't ruined by the intruder, still kind of smells like his cologne." Mintaek said.
You grabbed it from his hand and whispered a thank you. You sat up and crossed your legs with your hands in the shirt.

"Does Kiseok know the person that did this?" You asked.

"He has a good idea."

"Is it the same man that attacked me on the street?" You asked.

Mintaek looked at you. He was loosening the tie around his neck while you talked to him and was now undoing a button. He walked over to you and leaned over placing both his hands on either side of you on the bed. He leaned in to capture your lips in a hungry kiss that left you breathless but didn't make you forget.

"Let's get your mind on something more pleasant puppy." He said.

He grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head. His lips came to your neck and he kissed the side while slowly leaning you back to rest your head on the pillows. His hand smoothed up your stomach while you moved the hand that clung to Kiseok's shirt and let it go so it could slide down the side of the bed while Mintaek's lips found yours again...

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