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due to language, and sensual content and violence
Reader & Loco

When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape.



After I found out that Loco was the man that pay off my sisters medical bills for the next few month. I storm out of the hospital and started running as fast as I could to Loco's house. My rage was fueling my ability to make it from the hospital to his place. Loco was just entering his house as his men stood outside the door, guarding. My rage grew even more when I saw him, giving my strength.

I stop thinking and simply began to move on instincts. I a massive stick and swung at their heads. They didn't seem to notice me, allowing me to knock them both unconscious. I kicked the door open and threw the stick over the bouncy, seeming to miss his car by a hair.


I kept my shoes on, as I walked into the living room. He was looking up at me in complete and total shock. "Who the fuck do you think you are?! You had no right to be getting your self involved in my family personal business!" I knew I should be flatter and moved someone was willing to help me out.

But Loco's money... not all of it was clean.

I went to pick up one of his bats, but he moved quickly. The moment I had my hands wrapped around the neck of the bat, he had his hand wrapped around my wrist. "Are you fucking crazy?" He looked behind and his eyes got big when he saw his men where down. I yanked his hand off mine, and shoved him away from me.

"Crazy?! Oh I'mma fucking show you crazy, you Basterd. You stay the fuck away from my sister! You go near her, and I will escalate to mother fucking insane!" I pointed the bat at him, as he looked right at him. A smile slowly appear along his lips, as he pushed the bat away.

"I get you're being serious, but its hard to take you serious. I know this is empty threat." I scream at him, to shut up before I swung the bat at one of his statues on the fireplace. It shattered in contact, and a piece of glass few back my face, cutting my cheek. I turn to him as he held up his hands in defense, a bit startled.

"This aint no damn empty threat! I told you she the one and only person that keeps me grounded. You fuck with her I will gladly cross the fucking line to protect her."

I swung the bat at him, but he catch it with his hand, and pulled me into embrace. He then threw the bat across the room, before light touching my face, near the fresh cut. "I have mortals and ground rules for myself too, Y/N. I would never dare touch a single hair on your baby sister's head. She still young and I prefer youth not be brought into the hell you and I live in."

We locked eyes, while he brushed a loose strain of hair behind my ear. "God, I love that fire in you're eyes." I was panting from the rage-filled adrenaline rushing through my body, but his hold on me was calming me down. The wind shut the door, as I felt my feet being pulled off the ground. Loco as spun me around and threw me onto the couch.

He tower over me, and crush his lips on mine. He than pin my arms above my head, whilst his tongue slip pass my lips. How on earth was this man turning my rage into sexual desire. I felt his free hand sliding under my shirt, creating a moan to creep up from my lips. Loco let go of my wrist, and slid it down, along my arm.

While the hand under my shirt, found a way under my bra, and started toying with my sensitive nipples. I wiggled my hips, moved my legs, so that their was one on each side of him. Loco pulled away to assault my neck, as I ran my fingers threw his golden locks. I gripped his shirt, but he pulled away to take it off.

I couldn't help but to look over his body, and saw scars from bullets, and knives. I ran my fingers over them, before he took my hand in his own, and kissed my fingers. Loco let go though, to help me take off my shirt with my bra. The same moment I threw it onto the other couch, he started kissing down my from my breast towards my hem line. I try my best to not giggle from his touch, but it was a bit difficult.

He stopped and looked up at me. "You're seriously that ticklish?" I just glared at whilst he chuckled. "It was easy for you to switch from crazy to adorable." I rolled my eyes, before he pulled down my pants.

"Yah!" I turn to face him, but he caught my hands before I could grab his arms. "Y/N stop the act, you and I both him how much we want each other." I looked him in the eyes, and saw his desire was screaming like mine. "Than why are you moving so damn slowly." I teased him, before he fully pulled off my pants and underwear.

His actions said more than his words now. Loco grabbed my legs and lifted them so my ankle were by my heads. His tongue started to lap at my heated entrances, whilst his arm wrap around my leg. Allowing his thumb toy with my clit. I gasp from the waves of pleasure he was sending through my body.

I gripped tightly onto the couch cushion tightly, as I could feel his tongue dipping inside of me. My moans grew louder before I felt my body relaxing. Loco pulled away to slap my ass, while making sure my knees stay at my shoulders. I held into my caffs, as he pulled down his pants, to position himself. He gave my ass one last slap before sliding his shaft inside of me.

I whimpered whilst panting heavily with each thrust. "Hyuk~" I saw a bright grin appear along his lips. "Think I prefer you calling me 'Daddy'." He pulled my legs out of my hold, and had them wrap around his legs. I wrap place my hands on his back.

Loco pounded his hips deeper into mine, as I claw at his back. His and my moans filled the room, while he gripped firmly onto my hips. I felt the rush of pleasure, taking over again, before he latched his lips onto my neck. His teeth were gliding along my neck, as he suck on my skin. "Hyuk Woo oppa!"

I was climaxing, as he snaked his arms around my waist. Once I had come down from my personal high, he picked me up, and carried me towards his bedroom. He sat me down on his dresser, as we kept at it like rabbits. He was taking me from the back, the front, the side, in the shower, on the dress, against the wall, on the bed. He got me from the back door, which was the K.O for me.

I fell asleep snuggling up to him, as he held me close to him.

How could one man make a sexual experience like that so pleasure able even through the pain.

(Loco POV)


I woke up to someone beside me and in my arms. They felt so warm, that I could help but want to snuggle closer to them. When I open my eyes, it warm my heart to see it was Y/N. If it was someone else I think I might of freak out. I just lay there and watched her sleep.

She was so beautiful and seem so innocent, as she slept. Yet just this morning, she was being psycho. I got up out of bed, to put on my boxers, and a zipper sweater, to go check the security camera. "Sir is everything okay in here?" I saw one of my men greet me as I exit my room.

"Yes everything is fine, make sure the men that were knocked out are fine."

Since one of them came to check on me, I gave up on checking on my men. I went to get the first aid kit, before going to treat her cut on her face. I did my best to no wake her as I treated the wound, and clean up the blood. Once I had finished, I put the kit on my dresser, and ditched my sweater. I rejoin her since I didn't want to end my moment with her just yet.

I knew once she woke up I was going to have to fire her.

As well as set her free completely.

Hopefully she'll come back on her own, so I can make her my own.

Since I now know that I've fallen in love with Y/N.

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