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Y'all When I saw this...I panicked like ⬇️ the video before reading this, imma spill some of y'all don't mind k? Ready? I'm WARNING YALL IM GOING K

Jungkook...sang Nothing Like I was crying and I'm assume that y'all cried too Rap Mon rap to his part in Change (if yall didn't see Change yet, go, ITS LIT) J-Hope and Taehyung shopping and dancing in Manhattan Everyone wanted to do something alone Jin wants to eat alone Jimin wants to get a burger alone Jungkook wants to play alone (ayyyeeeeeeeeeee no.) J-Hope wants to shop in Manhattan alone Suga wants to buy audio equipment because it's cheaper Rap Mon....I don't remember Tae wants to shop....together

They're so cute tho!

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wtf i thought that guy who was dabbing was jungkook ... OMG im SO STUPIDHAHAHHA
Lol 😂🤣🤣🤣