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Outside the Diary 5

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Sorry for taking so long to finally update this series but I hope you enjoy this chapter and it was worth the wait! ;)

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Arya went fumbling around her room, searching for the one thing that she absolutely needed for tonight. She had gotten all ready, wearing her long, elegant black dress and curled her short hair around her face. She had cute silver studs in her ears and was missing one of the most important things - her necklace.

This necklace was the one thing she had left from her brother, Evan. She continuously searched through her drawers, throwing things out of the way. After a solid 20 minutes, it was like it magically appeared in front of her, buried beneath all of her other necklaces in her jewelry box.

She exhaled in relief, on the verge of tears from not being able to find it earlier. She carefully wiped at her eyes and clasped the necklace at the back of her neck. She looked up in the mirror and smiled, twirling the little silver heart in her fingers. 

It was engraved with her brother's initials, leaving a little quote saying 'Always stay strong my little R.'

Arya then finally felt like she could breathe and she made one last sweep of her house before leaving to the company dance. 

"Dress, check. Keys, check. Purse, check. Necklace, check. Nerves....check."

She then left her apartment, locking the door behind her as she headed towards her car. Arya had no idea what to expect tonight. This was her first time at a company party and the thought of all the people there - bands, managers, reporters - kind of scared the crap out of her. After the little incident, one of the people inside the company leaked what happened to the media and people have been harassing her ever since.

'How gross...' 

'Wow a diary, at her age?' 

'How could she think she could ever have a chance with Yongguk?'

Of course Arya paid very little attention to it and just tried to ignore it all. Some people would send her messages saying mean things but she would just delete them, amused by their words.

She instead focused on working hard at practice and trying her best to hide her feelings from Jongup. He felt the same way, she knew that, but was she really ready to try something with him? After everything that just happened...it was hard for her to say.

On the one hand, she really wanted to but what would happen to him? Would he get in trouble? Would she get fired? All this and more circled in her head the last couple of days, trying to sort itself out. 

Arya climbed in the car, and headed towards the company. It took her only minutes to get to the dance, sneaking in through the employee exit to pass the cameras and red carpet event at the front entrance. She successfully got in with no one seeing her and made it to the where the dance was taking place - the company ballroom.

She thought it was weird that they had a gigantic ballroom in the building but if they do things like this a lot, it kind of made sense. 

Arya walked in and was in awe of the sight before her. There were hundreds of people in the room talking with each other, grabbing food off the tables to the side, and dancing to the music.

It looks like she had just barely made it before they started the announcements for the night as the reporters were still outside getting the guests that were arriving at the last minute.

Arya looked around, hoping to find someone she recognized when a hand suddenly grabbed her shoulder. 

"Arya!" IU yelled. "I thought you weren't going to show! I am happy you did though." She smiled at her, still giving Arya the creeps. She wasn't used to IU being so nice and friendly to her yet but it was a work in progress.

"Uh yeah. How could I miss seeing this? It is pretty glamorous." She answered, giving IU her best smile she could muster at the time. IU noticed this and then grabbed Arya by the arm. "W-What-"

"Come here. You will want to see something," She said, grinning as she dragged her away. Arya was nervous at first but when she realized they were going she laughed a little.

"Really. The food table? This is what you had to show me?" Arya laughed, already grabbing a plate.

"What. The food here is good." IU argued, one step ahead of her and already reaching for the biscuits and little sandwiches. They both filled their plates and headed to the table set for IU and her team. Arya took a seat next to IU surprised to not see the other back-up dancers here.

"Looking for someone?" IU piped after watching Arya for a minute.

"I was just wondering where the other dancers were. It seems like they wouldn't miss something like this." Arya said, still glancing around the room for them. IU sighed.

"Well, they most likely aren't coming." At this, Arya raised her eyebrows.

"What do you mean?" 

"Well...after I apologized to you the girls still wanted to pull something on you and I wouldn't let them. I told them that if they did that I would tell the CEO and they would most likely be fired. Hell, they probably wouldn't even have a chance at any other companies." IU took a bite of her sandwich and swallowed before finishing. "So, they backed off but they stopped talking to me. They probably thought I 'changed' or something like that. Who knows." Arya was surprised at this.

"Really? You stood up to them...for me?" Arya could not seem to wrap her head around it at all. IU looked over and laughed a little at the shocked expression she was making.

"What. Surprised I have a soul? Not the little she-demon you wrote about?" Arya smiled sheepishly at that comment, knowing that IU must have seen that when going through her diary.

"Yeah, sorry about that."

"Nah, don't worry about it. I honestly deserved it. I was really mean to you. I am surprised at all that you actually even gave me multiple second chances. I wouldn't have if it were the other way around." Arya smiled at her words, finally understanding that IU wasn't really that bad of a person. Just...misguided to say the least.

"Well I guess I am too forgiving for my own sake. Just be glad I didn't go after your hair. You probably would have ended up bald." IU choked on her sandwich while laughing and proceeded to snort at her comment, making Arya laugh as well.

"Ah, why didn't I ever talk to you before? You are so much cooler than the three idiots on our team." IU said, elbowing Arya's arm playfully, making Arya smile widely.

"I know. I am pretty awesome." Arya gloated, doing a little fake flip of her short hair. IU giggled again never seeming to be bored of Arya. At that moment, someone tapped the microphone at the stage, drawing their attention to the CEO. 

He did a quick announcement, thanking everyone for being here and told everyone to have fun and enjoy the food for the hard work this year and to raise their glasses to an even better year next year. People applauded and cheered as the CEO got off the stage and the DJ started up the music. 

It was at this time that someone came over to IU's and Arya's table. He cleared his throat and when Arya looked up she stared at the man in front of her. 

"Hey Daehyun," She said, trying to finish the sandwich in her hands. 

"Hey Arya," He started. "You look great." He complimented making Arya blush a little. 

"Thanks. You look great as well!" She awkwardly replied getting up from her seat. "I am guessing you are not just hear to make light conversation," She said. He laughed a little.

"Right. I was hoping to take you up on the dance you promised me?" He said holding his hand out for her to grab. She gently placed his hand in his.

"Why of course. I do not go back on my promises." They started to head to the floor, Arya giving IU a little wink as they went. They reached the end of the dance floor, realizing that it was a slow song at the moment.

They stopped and Daehyun placed his hands carefully around her waist and Arya moved her arms around his neck. They started to sway to the music along with the other pairs of people in the crowd. 

"Hey Arya," Daehyun piped, making Arya look over at him. 


"Do you know why I asked you to the dance?" He suddenly questioned. Arya had been wondering this whole time why he did. The last thing she needed was another guy to like her all of the sudden but that was the last thing she expected to happen. 

"Actually...no. I was trying to think of reasons why but we haven't really talked too much before so I really had no idea." She answered honestly making him a little surprised. 

"Really? No guesses at all?"

"Well...I thought that you might like me but I immediately crossed that off the list."

"Oh yeah? And why's that?"

"Come on...first the thing with Yongguk and then Jongup and now you? I would be in like a really stupid cliche romance novel if that happened." She chuckled, thinking the whole idea was so stupid. He laughed along with her.

"True. And you are right. That isn't the reason. I don't like you...romantically at least. You are a really cool person otherwise." At this Arya felt like a weight was lifted off her shoulders. 

"Man, everyone keeps saying that tonight! You guys keep on calling me cool and my ego is going to be HUGE." Daehyun cracked up at her comment. 

"Wow, you sure are something. I can see why Jongup likes you..."

"Oh yeah? Well it takes a certain kind of special that is for sure." Arya sighed, blushing at the name of Jongup. She had also looked for him in the crowd hoping to get a quick glimpse of him but she hadn't seen him at all yet.

"But the real reason why I asked you..." He said, leaning closer, "was to make Jongup jealous." He pulled away smirking, making Arya confused. He continued. "Really? You didn't think of that at all? He really likes you, you know. I would go as far as say he might even love you. Do you know how long he has been watching you, trying to talk to you?" He asked her, Arya's breath kind of freezing at the moment.

"N-No...how long?" She wondered.

"Since the beginning of this year. He wouldn't stop talking about you and we pushed him to just even talk to you but only 11 months later did he finally try something." He sighed, shaking his head at his member. Arya couldn't believe her ears. The whole year?! She didn't even know how to respond to that. Daehyun could see the look of shock on her face.

"Are you okay?" She suddenly stopped dancing and just stared at the ground before saying something. 

"T-Thanks for the dance Daehyun but...I need to go find Jongup." He smiled at her, letting her go. She then started to race around the ballroom looking for him. Table after table he was no where to be found. So she decided to instead go to the one place she thought he might be at. 

She ran up the stairs, racing through the halls until she found the door. She stopped outside of it, seeing him sitting on the ground, the light hitting him a little too perfectly. Her heart started to beat fast at the sight of him and using all her willpower, she opened the door slowly.

To be continued...

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