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This episode is must a see, we thought that all the other episodes were out of control and surprising, but this one is by the far the most surprising one of them all. So if you haven't watch it yet I have put up the video from Viki which is Eng. sub and if that doesn't work for some I have put up a link where they have several place to take you to watch the episode; although I'm not sure if all of them are Eng. sub. Now comes the part were we are going to spill some Spoil Beans~ In this episode you could must definitely see Min Hyuk's feelings for her I mean come on in the end he pretty much confess to her, right? He told her that he wants her to stay by side so he can protect her...he no longer hates her, yieep! Haha, now Do Hoon's character becomes shady and shadier; I thought he love her...but I guess greedy or something completely change him and in the preview by the looks of it he seems to be involve on her fathers death. Plus not to mention he's going for the other girl and is completely pushing Yoo Jung to the side. Man, I felt really bad for Yoo Jung she's such a naive sweet girl that she never realizes what is going wrong, hopefully she comes to her senses soon. And can you believe that Min Hyuk has finally discover that it wasn't her that cause the accident! But yet he hasn't done anything to Do Hoon yet...I think he's planning something. So what were you thoughts on the episode? And what were you predicaments from the look of the preview for the next episode? Thank you for reading, Peace! :)
nope where >_< i didn't received ©© only from blog
Did you check it out? I tagged you guys in it :)
you guys the trailer just came out! I'll look for it and post it up and tag you guys! >< Ahhh! I'm so excited for the next episode!
@nylamrehs when he take her to hospital and to his fiance mother shop aishhhh from the beginning :)))
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