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I today of March 23 marks the birthday of Don Kanonji and while he wasn't everyones favorite character he has always provided me with a barrel of laughs. Whether in a fighting game or BBS beating ANYONE with the Don is an ultimate sign of skill. It also however marks the birthday of my youngest brother he turns 19 today and I'd like to wish him the best of today.
Hope everyone is having an awesome day and please let me know if YOU happen to have a birthday close to a character in Bleach so I can give ya a shout out with a card :D
Thanks for reading and you take care of yourself :3
mhwahahaha!! XD
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@AmazingAshley Even Chad did it XD
I hope he has a great birthday
Thanks :D I hope he does too sadly I couldn't be there but he tells me he had a party at the park so I'm hopeful it went well.