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Who: Reader x Park Chanyeol What: Romance/ College AU/ Fluffy Story: The ever so sunshiny Park Chanyeol becomes infatuated with you after seeing your performance on the ice but your busy schedule has you always running out on him. This boy won't stop until he has your complete attention on him so he can confess... Y/n's POV Your mother had come in with Yeonggyo's father and started having you two skate together. Anything to push you two together you were sure. Chanyeol stayed quiet enough that he just watched you guys skate but your mother happened to glance up and see him. You were surprised he was even awake it was already seven in the morning and you would be out for another hour if your mother stayed in a good mood. With the surprising testimony of Yeonggyo, you were able to convince your mother that Chanyeol was harmless enough to watch you guys skate. " What's that giant's angle anyway watching you?" Yeonggyo scoffed while walked back from the locker rooms with you. "Don't go calling him a giant just because he's tall that's rude." You said. "He looks uncoordinated. What is he doing following you?" "Would you stop insulting him? He's a nice guy and he asked me to teach him to skate I just didn't know he'd actually show up this early in the morning. I thought he was joking." You said. "Teaching him to skate is a joke." He chuckled. You rolled your eyes, he was so obnoxious. You looked up at the stands but he wasn't there anymore. You looked around honestly he was so tall he should've stuck out like a sore thumb. He wasn't in the arena. You walked out with Yeonggyo following beside you balling about something. You got outside and saw Chanyeol and smiled. He looked sleepy but he was staring up at the sky with his hand in his hair. "Chanyeol." You called. Now you barely had time to read mangas let alone watch anime but when he looked down at you and the way his hair blew in the wind, he looked just like a cool anime character. He had that charming boyish smile that made you feel a certain way maybe... Drawn? Like you wanted to get closer to him. You smiled as you approached him and he looked down at you. He smiled, "Hey you're all dressed." He said. "Yeah we finished up. For a moment I thought you left." "Oh no but you're mother asked me to leave." Chanyeol smiled. "Asked you of threatened?" You said cocking an eyebrow. "Honestly, a little of both." You laughed along with him. "She's a helpful woman I'm sure she just wanted Y/N to stay focused." Yeonggyo said. "I hope I didn't distract you." Chanyeol said worried. You chuckled softly and waved your hands before you. "Oh no you were fine my mother is just a bit rough around the edges." You said. "She's building a champion how many times do I have to tell you that? When you do to Nationals like me and dazzle the audience with your terrific routine you'll appreciate how hard she worked on you." Yeonggyo said. His presence was becoming an annoyance to you but for the sake of Chanyeol you kept up gracious appearances. You looked to Yeonggyo, "I told you before I'm not interested in Nationals I have too much studying to do which is what I should be doing now." You said. "Oh wait I wanted to see if you wanted to get coffee." Chanyeol said. You looked to Chanyeol a bit surprised. He smiled at you then he took your hand in his. "Please!" He grinned. "Chanyeol I have a lot to catch up on." "I'll help you. It won't take long." He pressed. You sighed, "Alright one cup of coffee but after that I really need to get back to studying." "Yeonggyo!" His father voice boomed from the opposite side of the building Yeonggyo waved to him, their little signal he was coming, he turned to and Chanyeol. "I'll see you tomorrow morning Y/N," he took your other hand and kissed the back of your palm. Yuck! He looked up at Chanyeol with a grin he gave a slight now of the head and said, "Chanyeol." He walked off after that. You watched him walk away and then turn to Chanyeol. Chanyeol was staring off in Yeonggyo's direction with a blank face. You called his name and he look down at you. "Where do you want to get coffee at?" you asked "Oh I know this little place by the college. This is kind of embarrassing though, can I ride with you because Baekhyun dropped me off." He chuckled with a huge grin. You smiled softly at him. "Sure." He turned to walk to your car with you. You felt him touch your hair as you walked down the path. You smiled a little. You didn't know what it was about your hair that he was so fascinated by. He then slipped his hand in yours, you looked at him while walking, he kept looking forward without saying a word but a smile on his face. You didn't take your hand back; you felt awkward you weren't sure what to do or if it was proper for you to pull it away from him. You got to your car and he very casually slipped his hand out of yours. Your burning cheek started to cool themselves down, you weren't even aware you could blush this hard. You two got in and he started giving you directions. You seem to be the only one out of you the two of you contemplating what he just did. Who randomly holds hands with someone like that? When you got to the Coffeehouse, he ordered coffee for you. "Y/n are you all right, you're kind of quiet." He asked. You looked up at him with wide eyes and you tried desperately to make it seem like you weren't embarrassed. " No, no I'm fine." You said. "Are you sure?" "Yeah. Sorry, I just have studies on the brain." You lied. "You do a lot of studying don't you ever take a break?" He asked. "Mmm... not really, I don't have the time to slow down." "If you don't you'll get sick. You should take care of yourself, eat properly and sleep well. Take some time to relax." He said. You looked up at him with your coffee cup between your hands to warm them up. You gave him a little smile. Despite him being right, you just couldn't find the time to stop. Your father wanted good grades, your mother wanted perfect form and at the moment you wanted sweet sleep. "So have you gotten anything done for your music yet?" You changed the subject. "Oh yeah I've been getting little bits out for one track but it's not complete yet. I think I need something to take my mind off of it for a while. Are you still going to teach me to skate?" You looked at him with a small smile. "Chanyeol most of my time is spent practicing ice skating and when I'm not I'm studying. My social calendar consists of once a month being checked up on by my father, dinner with my step-brother and, if I can squeeze in the time, a movie with Kyungsoo." "Well how about this, I'll meet you at the rink at five in the morning and you give me ten minutes, just ten, twice a week nothing else." He said with a smile "Why do you want to learn how to skate?" You asked. "To spend more time with you. Even if it's just ten minutes." He spoke so candidly you blinked at the response. Your cheeks felt hot again and you hid your face. "Okay, Chanyeol just stop saying things like that." He said hiding your face. "Huh? Did I say something wrong?" You sighed, maybe you were getting overly flustered about what he was saying to you. "Okay how about Monday and Thursday?" He asked. You nodded hiding your face still. Why were you so flustered? Chanyeol's POV It was a tough task to get up at five in the morning just to come and skate but he was drawn to her. He saw her on the ice skating with Yeonggyo and saw so much beauty and grace and the way they moved together they switched positions and directions with so little effort it was beyond breathtaking. He felt a certain envy of Yeonggyo, not the type that would have him kiss Y/N's hand for the sake of marking her, which he only realized later that was what Yeonggyo was doing. It was the type of envy that made him want to skate well enough to be on ice with her. He wanted to be that up close and see it for himself, simply being a spectator wasn't enough for him. Twice a week he could handle getting up at five in the morning and Monday and Thursday he had late classes. He was happy she agreed to teach him. Ten minutes twice a week would add up. It was the first time he built a plan to get a girl. He really wanted her though. The way she skated to Suga's voice was magnificent. She did that song justice, he wish he could have seen it; he probably would have fallen for her too. She was beauty, poise, grace and elegance but there was so much power in the performance, seven years after that day, he said it was his favorite one. One of the greatest displays of ice skating he ever had the pleasure of viewing live. Unforgettable. The first passing week he only got to learn how to tie his skates properly and how to get up off the ice once he fell. He was incredibly clumsy in skates just on land, on ice might be worse but she was nice about it. The second week she finally got him out on the ice each time she ended the class before her partner Yeonggyo showed up or her mother. She taught him how to move on the ice, "Okay, bend your knees a little, do you feel your shin touching the tongue?" She asked. "Yeah." "Okay now belly button over knees, you need to hold your hands out and then stomp." She told him. He did everything as she said, he stomped and moved slowly. He got a little distance until his clumsiness got in the way. He tripped and fell right on his butt. She came over to him and knelt down. "Are you alright?" She asked calmly. "Yeah nothing to it." He laughed. She chuckled along with him. It seemed a little more genuine than before. "Now you know why you need to go slow first." "Yeah." "Alright time for your next lesson: How to get up." Getting up was simpler than standing, once he was up though he almost toppled over her, she caught him and helped him hold his balance. She stared at him with a small smile but Chanyeol's eyes were wide open... She was so pretty up close. He ran his hand through her hair and cupped her cheek. Her face was warm and her cheeks were red. "You're - very - pretty." He said slowly. "Um Chanyeol?" He withdrew his hand and chuckled, "Sorry, sorry I got carried away." "It's alright but I have to start practicing now." She said. "Ah okay." He headed for the door. His head was going crazy. Complimenting her was not the first thing that came to mind. He was just going to tell her he liked her. It was true but to spring that on her now was unfair. He wanted to ask her out but he was waiting for just the right moment to do so. "Y/n I'm going home okay I'll see you later at school." He waved happily to her. She waved back with a giggle. That was almost always untrue though, most often times he tried to find her and get the timing right of when she left the campus but the way she scurried away made it difficult for him to ever stop her to say hi or anything else for that matter. He didn't want to ask her out at the rink; he wanted to do it in a much proper place but since he was up he decided he'd go home and do some research. He headed out seeing her mother glare his way; he smiled nervously but the woman ran a chill down his spine she was so vicious. Yeonggyo came next, walking past him and seeing him coming out after placing the skates he borrowed back in the corner she always had him place them in. He took the time to wipe off the blade like she asked and sprayed the inside so they didn't stink. Yeonggyo looked at him with what seemed like utter annoyance. Chanyeol smiled but that further annoyed Yeonggyo. "What are you always doing around here? You're distracting her you know that." He said. "I'm only here for ten minutes. It's the only time I get to spend with her." "You shouldn't be spending time with her at all. She has the blood of a champion she is a pure breed skater and of high class someone like you will only hold her down." He sniped. Chanyeol tilted his head, "She doesn't complain. If she asks me to leave her alone I will but me and her have fun together. A little fun won't ruin her. Besides she's such a terrific skater, I like watching her glide around like some magical princess." Chanyeol smiled looking towards the ice arena watching her skate beautifully. Yeonggyo scoffed, "Magical princess, she's a top performer and an athlete and you insult her by claiming she's a magical princess. You truly aren't fit to be associated with her." Yeonggyo walked off leaving Chanyeol staring blank face but with raised eyebrows unaware that Yeonggyo had been insulting him. He figured he was just annoyed but he was a bit too dense to realize Yeonggyo was annoyed with him. Either way he headed back to his home and looked up several places to go take her on a date but he wasn't sure what she liked. He always supposed taking her to a park might be nice but he wanted to go some place really spectacular. At least this way he could confess. By the time lunch came Baekhyun, Jongdae and Kyungsoo had come around to eat with him by the campus. He enlisted their help. "I want to ask Y/n out on a date." Chanyeol announced. All three boys either choked on their drink or stared at Chanyeol like he was crazy. "She'll never agree to it." Kyungsoo said simply. Chanyeol looked hurt even though he knew he was probably right, which was the reason he was asking for their help in the first place. "Kyungsoo that was kind of harsh." Baekhyun said resting his chin in his hand with a pout of his own. "Sorry I didn't mean it in a mean way it's just Y/n doesn't date. She's never dated or expressed interest in another human being. I've tried setting her up in high school just to give her a little taste of life but she always ran out to go do whatever her parents told her. I've tried breaking the habit for years even Yixing-ssi has tried but nothing works. Her parents have got her so trained to do as they wish I'm not even sure she knows what she wishes let alone if she has an ideal type." Kyungsoo said. "I still want to try." Chanyeol said looking at his food. All the others attention now focused on Chanyeol. They looked at him oddly, he never really expressed interest in girls himself. Though he stated a few girls were cute he never actively tried to go out with them. Complimenting their appearance was about as far as Chanyeol ever went aside from his first crush. Y/n really had gotten to him and every time he thought of her he thought of the first time he saw her performing to first love. It was an appropriate title for how he had felt. Y/n was his first love, his highschool crush was just that, a crush that made it no further than a light hearted kiss but Chanyeol felt something far more real than light hearted emotions. "Why?" Kyungsoo asked. Chanyeol looked up at him. "She's my friend you know, I feel like I should look after her. Why do you want to try so bad, what do you gain?" Kyungsoo asked. Chanyeol's eyebrows raised. Gained? Was there something to gain in this? Other than having her attention long enough to confess how he felt, he didn't think much past that. He could ask her to be his girlfriend, that would be nice but he wasn't entirely sure what he had to do to be a boyfriend. He knew it had to be more than a label but all he could do was make a plan to ask her out, that didn't eliminate the fact that she was still always busy. "I'm not good with expressing my feelings much unless I'm making music but I'm sure I know how she makes me feel. Have you ever just had someone stuck in your head all the time. They make you feel calm but at the same time your heart races a little when you see them. Y/n makes me feel a way I haven't felt before but I know I like her a lot. I would hope she'd be open to liking me too." He smiled at the end. Kyungsoo stared at him for a moment and then smiled. "It's going to be hard to get her to stop long enough to agree." He said. "Well I have a little plan that may work. Since you know her and you all have worked with Yixing-ssi maybe you could ask his help. Saturday's she doesn't have classes but her mother makes her train in the morning then she studies. I'm thinking if we can all help her study this week then she'll have time to come with me Saturday and as an extra incentive none of us will bother her on Sunday so she can go and study all day. I want to tell her that all of us are meeting up at time square to go shopping." He said. "You want to lie to her?" Jongdae asked. "No not lie, we will all meet up at Time square. We'll shop together so she can get a little comfortable and then I want to sneak her away from you guys." Chanyeol said. "That may make her worry. She'll think it's rude and want to go back." Kyungsoo said. "Well then we'll just come up with reasons to leave. We can stay an hour and just kind of leave one by one." Baekhyun said. "Where are you planning on taking her?" Jongdae asked. "I want to take her to Coex Aquarium and then the zoo. Then I'll take her to Sky rose garden and we can get some coffee before I take her to a movie." He said excited. "Wow you put a lot of thought into this." Jongdae said impressed. "I didn't know what she liked I figured a few different places would help but if Yixing and Kyungsoo can kind of convince her to relax and agree to come out with all of us then I can get her to go on a date comfortably." He said. "Alright I'll try and talk to Yixing I'm sure he'll want to help. He doesn't like that she let's her father talk down to her about ice skating but he likes it even less that her mother is so demanding. He wants her to get a little rest and discover what she likes. This will be good for her." Kyungsoo said. Chanyeol smiled, he was happy they were on board now he just hoped she would be.... I'm sorry it took so long for this update I had a block for this story but I think I can finish it up now... maybe lol.
I got super smitten when he said he just wants 10 minutes! awww like so cute & heartwarming. so Chanyeol like, adorkable. πŸ˜†
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