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My role Models~

Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here. This week the Korean mod squad are Sharing our role models and why they are. Mine just so happen to be kpop groups. My role models are: NCT (all sub units):
These people are my role model because they never stopped chasing their dreams, not even when others didn't believe in them. They worked super hard to get where they are and they never gave up not matter how difficult the task was! I think they're very inspiring because I'm pretty sure most of you guys know the tough life of a trainee and a kpop idol and how much energy is needed so I think they're amazing. A.C.E (haven't debuted yet, but they're super talented and they are chasing their dream, will debut soon.)
Hotshot (underrated group that I love so Mich and think should get ten billion times more love than they do.)
Haha I literally just got my friend into HOTSHOT! @MaeLyn Isn't that right?
You'll regret that tomorrow whenever I sent a batch of new Junhyuk photos to you! 😋
Oh god please don't
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