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Hey, guys. This is a new Smut that I suddenly come up with. Read at your own risk lol.

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Fire Writers Fanfiction:
Word count: 1134


Part 1: And the seeking begins

I loved breathing in the fresh air. I loved the freedom that comes with college. Getting to schedule everything for whatever time I wanted and having as much free time as I wanted. Getting to hang out with friend when you want… I never wanted to leave, but somehow, I ended up standing in the cafeteria of my least favorite place on earth. Covered in my own lunch, on the verge of tears as a group of girls laughed in my face. High School… but let me explain how the hell I got back in my own personal hell…

“Scarlet!” Anna called me from a distance. I was sitting in the grassy part of the quad on my computer doing school work. Anna, the first friend that I made in college, was running towards me with a smile on her face. “What’s up?” I asked as she finally got to me and bent down to be face to face with me. “James asked me if you are going to be a Ryan’s party on Saturday.” “I hope you told him no because I don’t go to parties.” “Ugh, why do you have to be so difficult?” She asked. “Of course, I said yes. Now, don’t make a liar out of me.” I laughed. “I didn’t make you a liar, you did that yourself,” I replied with a smile on my face.
“Please, Scarlet?!” as she was wining she grabbed my arm and shook me so hard, it made my glasses fall down the bridge of my nose. Anna repeated this over and over until I gave in. “Okay, Fine…” “Yess!” her triumph was showing in her voice. I shook my head “But…” “No, no buts…” I laughed. “I don’t have anything to wear to this party, so we’re going to have to shop for something.” I laughed at her giddiness as she excitedly danced at my words. This was a win for her because I never let her dress me, let alone take me to a party. I'm a social recluse and parties are not my scene. “Okay, now leave me alone, so I can finish my work before class starts.”
“Okay, I’ll see you later, then we can go shopping.” Her grin didn’t escape from her face as she skipped off to do God knows what. I continued on with my work and I was just about finished when a familiar man approached me. I tried to ignore whoever it was and keep working, but the man sat down next to me and looked over my shoulder. “Whatever you’re selling, I’m not buying…” I said sarcastically. I heard a chuckle come from the man. “You know you’re just as sarcastic as your father…” I looked over at the guy. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, Caucasian, brown hair similar to mine and brown eyes that seemed to have seen some things. Like there was something wrong with his head, mentally.
“You’ve met my father?” I asked, looking up at him through my glasses. He looked me in the eye and smiled. “Excuse me, who are you again?” “The names Griff… but I’m not here to make friends.” “Huh?” I was confused. “I came to give you a message from your father… He said that he’s coming for you…” “What?” he got up and left without another word. Now I was hella confused as I watched him walk away from me. I shook my head, finished my work and decide to go inside the building that my next class was in to print out the work that I just finished. I walked to one of the printing kiosk and while I waited I started to watch the News that was on the television in the lobby.
‘… Breaking News! Abbott Duffy, a deranged serial killer who was tried for torturing and killing over thirty women over a span of ten years and sentenced to life in prison is now at large. Authorities say that that they are working with their best to find him and put him back into custody…’ The picture that they displayed on the TV was menacing. His face twisted into a smile and his eyes looked lifeless yet alive at the same time. Those were defiantly the eyes of a killer, but what shocked me more was the fact that the man that I was just have a conversation with looked a lot like him. Of course, it wasn’t him because the man on the television was about twenty years older than the one I was talking to, but everything, including the look in his eyes, was very similar. I shook off the feeling that I had boiling in my gut and continued to get ready for class. Finally, I had gotten to class, turned in my paper, and sat through about half of the lecture when the fire alarm went off. I secretly curse in my head, wishing that it would have went off sooner. I grabbed my stuff and left the class room with the crowd of happy and smiling students. I plugged my head phones into my ears and blared my favorite music.
I sighed and sat on a bench not too far from the building, sitting back to watch people talk and interact with each other. I soon had company sitting next to me. I glance over at the man who had a sat down next to me, half thinking that it was Griff or whoever that was, but when I met his eyes he was totally different. I pulled one of my ear phones out and he spoke. “I’m Agent Park Jinyoung, there has been an incident and it seems that you are somehow involved. I was informed to have you taken out of here for your protection.” “What? I don’t understand.” I replied confused. He pulled out his badge and FBI ID, showing me that he was telling me the truth. “You are in danger and I was instructed to get you out of here.” “What danger? I’m a simple no body, how would I be in danger?”
“God Dammit! Would you listen to me? Have you seen this man?” he asked holding up a picture of Griff. My eyes widened. “Maybe, why?” “What did he say to you?” “Um…” I paused, wonder who the hell this guy Griff is. “What did he say?” he asked looking angry that I haven’t answered him yet. “He said he wasn’t here to make friends with me, but to give me a message from my father… he said that he’s coming for me…” He looked even more frustrated. “If you don’t come with me you might as well set your own death sentence…” He stood up and started to walk away angrily, so I followed him.


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