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AS I said on my last card. That I think shiny Pokemon where out. That is true but also false at the same time. They did released shiny pokemon but only one which is magikarp.
Now if you don't know what a shiny pokemon is. Its a pokemon that is very rare to find even if its a common pokemon. The pokemon color is different from its original form. Pokemon like Espeon, magikarp, flareon are easy to tell if they're shiny or not because they're color had been change. But pokemon like Pikachu, Zapdos, and glaceon are a little harder to tell because they don't change color but the color is either darker or lighter.
Anyways like I said magikarp is the only one out but I do not know how long. I did found you guys an article on it. So good luck follow trainers and start catching those magikarp

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