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Hey guys it's Axos. Gonna show you my bias....that you already know but I'm showing both not just one. OK here it goes BIAS #2
Highlights very own brooding looking, use a vacuum to clean your tablet and dry your hair by hitting yourself all the while making songs based off of his string to his hospital gown coming undone.....😳.....oh my Yong Junhyung!?!?!?!?!?! That was allot to say huh. Hahaha Truthfully this guy grabbed my attention before Dongwoon.
Yes Woonie I saw Junhyung was in this video which was my very first Beast Mv I had seen.
This Mv lead me to Beast and Kpop. The story was confusing but I really was curious about this guy who was beating up other people like a little hoodlum. Any who Junhyungs grumpy looking face is always adorable to me. Especially since he isn't really a grump. He really is a nice guy.
This guy as we all know uses English in his songs. When I look back at it I really feel that he has come a long way. I'm very proud of him and I see how well he has learned English.
Ahh his love of coke is always something to smile over.
When he starred in Monstar I died. I really loved watching him be a huge brat.
I think there was a time when I thought his eyebrows were the best guy brows in kpop. Also I enjoy his voice when he raps and sings.
Ahh that smile. Its really adorable and kind. I also love his laugh. Now for some Junhyung spam. You can feel his swag just oozing out of him.
------ BIAS #1
Son Dongwoon. This guy is literally older then me by 9 days or so. He is silly, smart, kind and stole my heart.
Sometimes this guy does things that I would do. He even is scared of bugs like me.
His voice is amazing and so is his rapping.
Ahh yes there is also the fact that his body is shockingly amazing.
Alrighty here is some Woonie spam. This dork is my ULTIMATE BIAS.
ahaha Junhyung and Dongwoon. to think the eyebrows tho, we harldy see them now a days. and dongwoon dorkiness is the best
I know. I remember looking for pictures with his eyebrows and thinking to myself that his eyebrows are nice.