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Hello everyone~ This time I thought we could look at one of the best bromances in Monsta X! Jooheon & I.M, or otherwise known as Jookyun~

It all started on their show 'No.Mercy'. I.M was the new kid after one of their friends had just been eliminated, and so the trainees were mostly cold to I.M, not even wanting to talk to him most of the time.
It wasn't until their Team Mission, when I.M and Jooheon were put on the same team, when things started to look up for I.M. Jooheon and I.M had a heart to heart, where he explains to I.M why the other trainees feel the way they do, and that it's nothing against him personally, etc., and they share this moment together which bloomed into an everlasting friendship!
Below is the episode of No.Mercy with their heart to heart:
It's at 31:35 - 34:20

It may seem a bit harsh to those of you who may not have seen the show, but the whole show was really brutal in general. Jooheon was being open and honest to I.M, and I respect that, especially after what had happened prior to that point, and the way I.M had been welcomed into the group earlier. It was a crappy situation to start with, but Jooheon was trying to make the best of it, to which the effects last to this day~

Thanks so much for tuning in to get nostalgic with me, haha! I'll see you soon! Hope you enjoyed~

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Note: None of the photos or videos are mine, so credit goes to the owners~ ^^ Credit for the photos goes to the lovely fansites so took them!~~
I love monsta x I still cry everytime I watch the elimination video and the one where they have that talk it just breaks my heart so badly
same here 😭😭😭
far warning for those who have decided to watch KNOWING WHO THE MEMBERS ARE it's three times as brutal
Team dimples is life. This Bromance is everything to me but I couldn't watch the video. I'm wearing make up and I know if I watch Imma cry and going to work soon I can do it lol. Jooheon and Changkyun are my babies though I love em
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about the crying
Ok, so I have a question for you. Are you trying to kill me?!?!?!?!
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Let's go!