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I have no excuse enjoy dearies.

In Class

Hoseok introduced himself and after that he took the nearest empty seat, to avoid himself being awkward with anybody. He is however as of five minutes later, kicking his ass because he thinks he’s just chosen a seat next to the classes social outcast; he believes so anyway. Not like he personally has any right to judge someone else or the have any friends, because he doesn’t. But if he is going to “Make friends” as his mother put it, it most definitely wouldn’t be happening with the kid next to him.

His attention Is snapped back to reality when he realizes that his teacher is currently speaking to him. “Hoseok what classes were you enrolled in before you came here? I understand you studied abroad in America.”

He is just going to put me on blast like that! This is why he wished his mother never said he went abroad, he would rather for her to tell the truth and say that he went to jail. Its a hard lie to keep up with and I’ve been away from school too long to be able to lie! The education in Juvi isn’t cheap either. “ I uh…” come on Hoseok just think of a believable lie and make sure you know enough info about the subject to back it up. “ I took the basic classes I suppose, you know like The American level college classes.”

Hoseok can hear low whispers behind his head and he feels self-cautious, he lied a little too much. “Oh really and what classes were they.” Hoseoks swears he can see a hint of humor in that Man’s face, and he immediately gets irritated.

“Aren’t you supposed to be teaching instead of giving me an interrogation?” Hoseok can hear light “oooo’s” coming from all around him while he’s looking his teacher dead in the eye, he knows he should back down, but there’s something about this bastard that he doesn’t like. “ I just want to know about the new student in my class, I didn’t mean to offend you.”
Taehyung could tell he was starting to stir the kid up, and he remembers well enough that one of the things that gets this kid going is asking too many personal questions about him. “If you wanted to know about me then read the papers given to you.” “Trust me I have read them, thoroughly, I was just seeing if you were willing to tell me yourself, but I guess you’re not, you can tell me when you’re ready.” Hoseok is really positive now that he wasn’t going crazy before because, his teacher smirked right after his comment.

“Continuing on with class, who here has read the Odyssey?” Hoseok raised his hand assuming that almost everyone else had read the book here as well.

He was dead wrong.

Nobody else raised their hand, was he really the only one. Like come on isn’t this supposed to be an Honors Class in a rich people school, and they haven’t even read the Odyssey yet, why are their parents even paying for this tuition then.

“Hoseok, Have you really read it?”
What is this douche trying to imply exactly. Just breathe Hoseok it’s the first day and he might not mean it in an offensive way. “Yes.” “Good then you wouldn’t mind telling the class what it’s about.” Hoseok was really starting to hate this guy. However Taehyung on the other hand didn’t see anything wrong with what he was doing. He believed that he was just teaching a class not pissing Hoseok off.

Taehyung waited for Hoseok to respond, he could see the others cheeks turning red and his biggest guess that the younger boy was embarrassed. “Do I have a choice in the matter?” “If you want points deducted from your participation grade then go right on ahead an-“

“The Odyssey is about Odysseus and his travel back home from his battle in Troy, However his family believes he is dead and his wife ends up being competed for by suitors.” Taehyung isn’t that impressed but then he remembers that Hoseok was the only one in the class who had raised his hand. “Is it possible for you to explain in a deeper meaning.” The snot boy next to Hoseok ends up giving a little laugh and Hoseok is about to let Taehyung have it if he doesn’t stop asking him questions. He literally isn’t bothering anybody else but, him! “That’s all I can remember. So quit pestering me.”

Taehyung stares at Hoseok in disbelief for a moment, “I apologize if I upset you, however please understand that it is not necessary for you to raise your voice at a teacher Hoseok.” “Whatever I’m not a child.” “You are a child.” “I’m 17, I’m an adult.” Taehyung finds humor in Hoseoks immaturity , its cute. “while you are in my class you are a child, I’d also like to speak with you after class.”

Dismissing their little tiff, Taehyung decides it’s time to move on with the rest of class, he is here to teach. “Wenry would you mind passing out the textbooks to the entire class.” “No”
It’s when Hoseok hears the voice next to him that hoseok officially relaxes now that His professors attention is off of him, His attention now on the boy apparently next to him and its when the boy next to him just speaks that he notices his voice sounds familiar. Hoseok looks over and see’s that the boy has already removed his Hoodie that made him look like an anti-social delinquent and Hoseoks eyes grow wide.


Hoseok isn’t sure Yoongi heard him, he isn’t even sure if he himself had really spoken. When Yoongi’s done passing out the books, Yoongi takes his seat back next to Hoseok and slides a book to Hoseok. “Yoongi” The boy next to Hoseok doesn’t even budge when he says his name. Hoseok feels like he’s on drugs. But he needs to get this boys attention because he really needs to know if it’s Yoongi or not, So he decides to go for another approach. “Wenry” This time the boy looks him dead in the eye and he definitely looks like min Yoongi. The Min Yoongi That Hoseok knew would wear his hair slightly sideways and with a pin in it so it doesn’t get into his eyes and He also has a round small head with small round brown eyes. ”What is it?” “May I ask you a question?” “You just did.”

“You are Min Yoongi right.” The boy this time smiles when he looks straight into my eyes. “Usually I would be snarky, but seeing as this is your first day here and anyone could eat you alive, I’m going to be nice an answer your question-”

“- in a week.”

“You’re definitely Min Yoongi.” We both start to laugh at how ridiculous this is. “Guess I’m still a big asshole huh?” Hoseok starts to laugh even harder because it was true, that’s how anyone could tell it was Yoongi because the guy was a big Jerk.

“Hoseok, Wenry would you like to tell the class what’s so funny.” I can hear Yoongi from beside me mumble something under his breath, if it’s how this guy is so annoying, than I feel him. “Nothing is funny sir, sorry for disturbing class.” “Turn to page 394.”

Class is as boring as ever going through the first couple of pages of the odyssey and having to write two essays on it, apparently Mr. Kim thought it was possible since it had “enough context” bullshit if you asked Hoseok.

“Hey Hoseok what lunch period do you have?”

“How would I know that? I don’t understand a damn thing on this schedule.” You look for you second period and then look for either a one or two by it and that tells you which lunch period that you are in.” Hoseok looks at his schedule and see’s the number two, “I guess I have lunch number two.” Yoongi starts laughing which causes Hoseoks face to turn red. “what’s so funny?” “Nothing. But we have the same lunch together and with Sehun too.” “Oh….that’s great I guess.” “what do you mean by that.” As if a blessing from the heavens the bell rings and Mr. Kim gives us the approval to go, Thank god because Hoseok seriously can’t stand this class.

“Mr. Jung please stay after for a moment.” Yoongi turns and see’s my irritated face and smirks. “Hey smartass you wanted to tango with him earlier, catch ya at lunch.”

“Did I do something wrong sir?” Hoseok tries his best to act the part of an innocent students. “No. Please Take a seat.” Hoseok abided to Taehyungs request, anything to get him out of this situation quickly. “I understand you transferred from the Juvenile Detention center to here. It would be a shame if you got sent back.” “Are you threatening me right now?” “No I’m simply just stating facts here. You don’t like the fact that I’m your teacher, and I don’t like having a delinquent in my class, so we can both say that we have to get along with each other just for this year, and never have to see each other again.” “I’m not a fucking delinquent, you don’t know anything about me.” “But I know what you are capable of unlike the other students here-“ “if you are referring to the hit and run you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Hoseok got up from his seat being done with this conversation all together. “Running away from conversation, the description papers say you like to do that a lot.” “The more you talk, the more you sound like that bastard! You know nothing about me and neither does he, fuck off.” Hoseok storms towards the room door “oh and you fucking suck as teacher, what kind of teacher makes students right two essays on scenery!” Hoseok slams the door to the classroom only to be met with a face full of Ga Yoon.

“Hey what’s up.” I grab Ga Yoon’s hand and lead her away from the door. “Nothing, I’ll walk you to your next class.” “Oh yeah, and do you even know where you next class is.” “No I don’t actually.” “Geez Hobie, why didn’t you ask me?” “Why do you insist on calling me that, I can’t stand that nickname.” “It’s a term of endearment. But what class are you going to next.” ”Chemistry” Ga Yoon rolls her eyes as if Hoseok has missed something completely obvious.
“The class number dummy.”

“You should’ve just said so, it’s 13C.”

“Kay lets go.”

“Aren’t you worried about getting to class late?”

“No I don’t really care if I’m early or late, and besides we have the same class this bell” Ga Yoon points at both of their schedules to Hoseok ecstatically “See Mr. Go and Mr. Go.” Hoseok is Happy too, at least he knew people in his classes for today, tomorrow however that’s a different story. “At least I can cheat off of you.” “why would you wanna do that?” “Um hello, you studied abroad, geniuses like you are bound to get cheated off of. Oh and I ran into Yoongi, haven’t seen him in a while.”
Yeah I wouldn’t suppose you would.

“He went abroad to a school in Germany and just came back six months ago, it’s funny how both of you left around the same time.” Hoseok mentally laughed at the irony, of course Yoongi made him-self scarce to, all of them did, except Hoseok, because was the one who went down in flames. “Did you two talk to each other while you guys were abroad?” “No we didn’t, living in two different places kind of stops communication.” Juvi doesn’t allow the jailed to mail other people first, they have to be the ones to receive mail first. “Oh well that’s bunk.” “Well its cool that you’re still friends and all, I thought something heavy had happened between you two, Yoongi’s parents didn’t talk highly of you while you were gone”. Hoseok wouldn’t suspect that the would. “heavy as in how…you read too much Fanfic.” “God Hobie get your mind out of the freaking gutter I didn’t even mean it like that! And speaking of Gay relationships, guess who finally made it official?”

Hoseok had a feeling he knew who she was talking about, However he didn’t want her to say it. “say any name besides Sehun.”
“I thought you were over it, haven’t you been holding a grudge against Sehun, since forever ago.”

“it’s not a grudge I just…there’s just something about him, he seems off.”

“and you seem right? You’re over reacting hun let it go. You’re just gonna have to learn to deal with it if you can’t Yoongi and Sehun really like each other.” Hoseok scuffs disgustedly “I’d rather him date me…no homo included.” Ga Yoon laughs entirely amused with what Hoseok said. “ I swear you don’t think before you speak.” “What do you mean.” “Just don’t go leaving me for Yoongi okay. I would totally never forgive you.”

Hoseok and Ga Yoon walk into the door of the class obviously making it there before the bell rings. Wow he’s early for once in his life. Hoseok continues chatting about when he hears someone call out to Ga Yoon. “oh hey Sehun!”
You’ve Gotta be fucking me!

Hoseok turns around and see’s the dickhead in question. Hes just here visiting he isn’t in the class. Please say he isn’t in this class. “who’s this?” “what don’t tell me you don’t remember Hoseok? He practically looks the same.” Hoseok is sure the dick remembers him. “Oh yeah, now I remember nice to meet you again after all this time, and I just love how somebody automatically gave him my seat.” “oh come on Sehun its not like he has anywhere else to sit.” Sehun scans the empty class room like hes trying to block out the sunlight. “I know right, there’s a real crowd in here.” They both laugh and Sehun just takes the seat on the other side of Ga Yoon.

One minute before the actual bell rings the rest of the students in the class start to file in. One in particular catching Hoseoks eye. “interested in him.” “Huh?” “well You’re gawking at him, that Jimin the queit boy who sat our lunch table when we were in elementary school.” “you say this shit like I’m gonna fucking remember.” Sehun starts laughing like what hoseoks said was the funniest thig to him. “Okay chill with the tude bro I don’t know what bug nit you in the ass but don’t you dare take it out on me.” “I didn’t even have an attitude before but now im about to get one!” “You two are always fighting I swear.”
Ga Yoon rolls her eyes and starts to wave Jimin over to the table which wouldn’t be to bad of a situation if I could learn to not stare at the guy.