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Friday: Making Plans
Hello Chingus, We have one more day left~ ---- I would spoil the heck out of Xiumin, maybe got to a coffee shop first, maybe to a fun place after, or go shopping, get some steamed buns 😂 Then I would take out to dinner, or make dinner. I'm a baker so I would have had a cake made for him already, and have his close friends and family to celebrate ^^ But that's just me though. Can't wait to see what the other have :) --- Tagging the Mods Overdose Mod and Mod Squad @Tigerlily84 and @AimeeH @SugaKookieV @ESwee @twistedPuppy @AaliyahNewbell @CrookedShadow My Kpop Fam: @EmilyPeacock ----- My Luhan♡ @BBxGD @evieevelyn @RochelleRose @KpopBias ----------------- Kpop Crew: @twistedPuppy @EverieMisfit @callmemsdragon @EvilGenius @VixenViVi ------------------ The Readers: @stephany123 @TracyLynnn @jyesung72 @makidabebe @VeronicaArtino @lopleaf19 @Babydollbre @chenisbaekasy @KeraDeletorre @ImHayley @CarolSilva @YessicaCardenas @tiffany1922 @ShinoYuki @tinathellama @MaritessSison @KassandraSosa @makidabebe @Orihemay @koinii @EleanorKriegel @Defy24601 ------------ -EXOplanet Fam- @KaiLuhan4ever @missjackson2635 @amethystiperez @Hawaii5oh @kandle779 @mitchix5 @senia @fallchild @mellyortiz @Kiambrixx @TheEnlightment @unrefinedhan @CamrynCherry @kpoplover492 @HayleyYates @KpopQueen1 @KellyOConnor @BetseyBleau @Kpossible4250 @Jasminep96 @michellechristi @EverieMisfit @ShinoYuki @ScarletMermaid
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