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“I’m going to take your clothes off now.”

His fingers played with my top as his eyes searched mine for permission. I nodded slightly and trembled at the feel of his fingers running across my body. Jun K’s chest grazed against mine as his fingers deftly removed my clothes. I lay on the bed gazing up at him, not quite believing this was happening.

Last night I’d been sitting on my couch watching TV wishing I had more of a life and tonight I was in a strange man’s bed. This wasn’t me. This wasn’t what I did. However, I couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t want to stop myself. This was exciting and dangerous and Jun K was the most handsome and sexual man I’d ever been with.

Every pore of his body exuded sex. I trembled with a feeling of shame as I felt myself lying there almost naked. He’d removed every piece of clothing except for my panties.

“You’ll decide when you want to take them off.”

He whispered before lowering his mouth to my breast and sucking on my nipple. I closed my eyes at his teeth tugged at the sensitive flesh.

“Open your eyes.”

He growled as he transferred his mouth to my other breast.

“I want you to watch who’s doing this to you.”

My eyes flew open at the demand in his voice and he nodded his approval as my eyes found his. He lowered his lips onto my other breast and sucked gently as he continued staring at me.

“Do you like it when a man sucks your breasts, Evie?”

He groaned as he kissed up my chest to my lips.

“It feels good.”

I nodded, painfully aware that I had to answer him if I wanted the night to continue.

“You tried to make me think you weren’t interested, but you wanted this all along, didn’t you?”
“No.... I was attracted to you yes, but I’m not the sort of girl that…”
“Don’t tell me, you’re not the sort of girl that has one night stands?”
“That’s right. I don’t normally sleep around.”
“So what made me the exception?”

He whispered against my lips, his breath warming me.

“I don’t know.”

I shook my head slightly and ran my fingers down his back as his chest crashed down on my breasts.

“Maybe I just couldn’t help myself.”
“Yes, perhaps that’s it.”

He nodded before kissing me again, his fingers running up and down the side of me. I ran my fingers down his back and moaned slightly as he moved away from me and pulled off everything, but his boxer shorts.

“I’m ready for that dance now.”

He growled and moved to a chair at the side of his bed.


I frowned, feeling delirious and bereft at the loss of his touch.

“I want my dance.”

He grinned at me and pressed something on his nightstand. All of a sudden music started playing and the lights dimmed. I heard Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable playing and I sat up slowly. I laughed at his choice of music. Most men would have gone with some sort of R& B or rock for a strip dance, not an older, much more sentimental song.

The room was silent aside from the music as we both sat there. Jun K’s gaze was full of desire and patience as I stared at him not knowing what to do. I felt slightly self-conscious. Here I was, sitting almost naked and there he was, looking hot and hard, waiting for me.

A part of me wondered exactly how this had happened? Hadn’t this been what I’d been trying to avoid by taking over for Hailey for the night? I’d been worried that a guy was going to expect more with a dance. Now here I was, willingly giving myself to a man I’d met at the party.

The man who had been the bachelor at the party. What if he’d been lying? What if he really was getting married? Would that make me a slut and a home wrecker? I bit my lower lip, almost willing him to tell me to hurry up, but he said nothing as the song continued to play. We just sat there staring at each other.

Then I remembered my last relationship. How boring and staid it had been. How my last boyfriend had been a five minute and no foreplay sort of guy. How he hadn’t cared about my needs and how I’d wished for a more adventurous mate. How I’d secretly always wanted the job that Hailey had. How I’d wanted to explore my sexuality more.

And now, here I was. I had ample opportunity to do something I’d never thought I’d ever do. I knew in that moment that I was going to go through with it. I knew that my body and brain both wanted this. I shivered in excitement as I realized that I was about to have a one-night stand with the sexiest man I’d ever met in my life.

A bell rang in my head for a few seconds as I wondered if that meant I was a whore? If he offered me the five grand or more, I was pretty sure I would take it, but not because I wanted the money for the sex, but more for the dance. A part of me wasn’t sure if there was a difference. A part of me wondered if I was just trying to make myself feel better.

If I had sex with him and then accepted money, would that make me a prostitute? My body warmed at the thought as I bit down on my lower lip, deep in thought.

“A penny for them?”

He asked softly, interrupting my internal debate.

“Sorry what?”

I looked up at him, my nipples hard as he stared at them.

“You look to be deep in thought. Maybe I can help?”

“I just…”

I started and stopped. How could I explain my external dilemma without ruining the mood? I really couldn’t. I shook my head and stood up.

“I was just hoping you’d change the music.”

I asked softly as I walked towards him with a small smile.

“I’d like something I can move my hips to, not something that I’d hear at the end of a romance movie.”

He grinned as I stopped in front of him.

“This isn’t exactly a romance movie.”

I smiled awkwardly, staring down at his huge bulge.

“Depends on what you classify as romance.”

He shrugged and tapped something on the table. All of a sudden the music changed and I heard Jay Park’s melodic voice telling me that I had it bad. I smiled at Jun K again and started swaying my hips back and forth in front of him. His eyes darkened as he realized the dance had started once again.

I turned around and positioned myself on his lap and started moving back and forth in beat to the music. A few seconds later, he grabbed me around the waist and adjusted my position on his lap, so that I was grinding directly on his hard cock. I felt my panties growing wet as his cock pressed into my pussy as if it were trying to break through the barriers.

His hands circled my waist as I moved, guiding my hips back and forth as I danced on him. Then they moved up to my breasts, his fingers squeezing my nipples hard as he played with my breasts. I increased the intensity of my dance, while I moved and I moaned as I felt his cock against my panties. He had pulled it out, without my noticing and it was thick and hard between my legs.

His breathing behind me was low and hard and I could feel that his chest was now hot against my back as he pulled me towards him and kissed the side of my neck. His fingers slipped from my breasts and back down my stomach until they were slipping into my panties and he was rubbing my clit urgently. I knew he could feel my wetness against his fingers because I came slightly as he slipped a finger inside of me.

I closed my eyes and focused on the pleasure soaring through my body and moved my hips even faster. Jun k lifted me up slightly and I felt his fingers slipping my panties to the side as he lowered me down onto his cock. He entered me hard and fast and I cried out as I found myself no longer dancing on his lap, but dancing with him inside of me. My body cried out in ecstasy at the feel of him, hard, masculine, taking and I rocked on him urgently, needing to feel a full release.

Jun K grunted behind me as he continued rubbing my clit. Everything seemed so surreal as I continued to dance and fuck him at the same time.
“Cum for me, Evie.”

He whispered in my ear as his fingers moved across my bud faster and his cock entered me even deeper.

“I want to feel you explode all over me before I cum inside of you.”

I screamed as I felt myself orgasming hard. He pushed me forward slightly and I felt him exploding inside of me, warm and fast and it was only after I collapsed back against him that I thought about protection.


I groaned to myself inwardly. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I didn’t know this guy from anywhere. I’d have to go to a clinic and get STD tests and pregnancy tests now. I could feel the excitement seeping out of me quickly as I realized how dumb I’d been. Jun K lifted me up and carried me to the bed and got in after laying me down.

“I’m clean by the way.”

He played with my hair as he kissed my shoulder.

“How did you know?”
“Because I’m hoping for the same answer.”

He bit down on my shoulder.

“I should have used a condom, I’m sorry.”
“It’s fine. I should have thought about it as well.”

I moaned as his fingers found my breasts again.

“Yes, it’s not smart to do what you do and not carry condoms around with you.”

“Sorry what?”

I froze and looked at him in shock. This mother fucker!!

“I assume you’re on the pill or the patch for birth control?”

He continued talking as he kissed my neck.

“What did you mean just now?”
“What did I mean about what?”
“About me needing to carry condoms doing what I do,”
“Well, if you’re a stripper and in the habit of going home with men, you really should make sure you have protection on you.”
“I told you I’m not a stripper.”

I turned towards him angrily.

“I was just working there for my friend tonight.”
“Sure you were. And let me guess you’re doing it to get through school as well right? Or is it to take care of your sick parents?”
“What?” My jaw dropped.
“You don’t believe me? You heard my friend call.”
“Evie, how many times has your friend called to find out where you are? Is that a part of the act?”

He shrugged, his fingers reaching down between my legs as I pulled away abruptly.

“We both know this is a game, so quit playing it.”
“I wasn’t playing a game.”

I shook my head, utterly confused about what he was thinking.

“Okay then, I have one question for you. Are you still expecting to get money from me?”

His voice was soft as he whispered in my ear and I froze.

“Well, the five grand was what you promised.”

I whispered, not even thinking.

“But that was for the dance, not for anything else.”

Even as I spoke, I knew how pitiful I sounded. Even I wouldn’t believe myself.

“Yeah, like I said you should be more careful in your job, Evie.”
“I’ve never done this before. I want to leave now.”

I bit my lower lip and gazed into his eyes.

“But I’m not ready for you to leave. Why do you want to leave?”
“Asides from the fact that you just called me a liar and a whore?”
“Forgive me, I can see I’ve upset you. Forget my words, I was obviously wrong.”
“Do you mean that?”
“Yes, I was wrong. Please say the night isn’t over as yet.”
“What do you want to do?”

I grinned, suddenly feeling better and horny again.

“First, let’s get something to eat and drink and then we can have some more fun.”

I looked at him in surprise.

“Yes, eat.” He grinned at me. “You’ll need your energy for what I have planned next for you.”

Sorry for being short.... but no worries!!

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whay wrong with this woman... i would of slap him and storm out
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