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Que tal peeps!
Many ARMYS were worried bout BTS contract being close to ending with bighit. I'm by no means an expert with all the political ish about Kpop stars and contracts....


I heard they signed with Def Jams Records. This is a well known company.

Watch video and comment your thoughts below!

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@AmbieB def jam work with Justin B...Kayne West....Rihanna....Iggy... ( trash) *cough cough* But no matter where they go I will support them. I just pray they dont get screwed
Whoa whoa whoa wait what? Don't they have a long time with bighit?
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bighit would be stupid if they ditched them. but I guess it's OK. I'm a little surprised they signed an American contract though
The article i read said that they signed the Japanese branch of Def Jam, to help expand and further their Japanese promotions. So this is good step forward for them, hopefully they are actually happy with it
and hopefully they get enough rest and stay healthy...
I just really hope they arent "corrupted" by any negative influences as a result of this. not to say a positive outcome isn't a possibility, it's just I don't think they will be receiving exposure to the best examples through a deal like this...
exactly I feel the same