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Hi hi, I'm finally posting this story and turned out to be a one shot. (I had thought about continuing but bah lol) Now there are several genres happening in this story so I will warn that there is a smutty part in here somewhere, and its kind of a never leave me kind of theme.
I woke up in the middle of the night hearing something smashing. Startled I sat up and looked around the bedroom. I was alone in bed. Looking around I saw a light coming from the hall. Not having gone to bed by myself I got out of bed and grabbed my robe to throw on and walked into the hall. I followed the light to the bathroom where he stood his hands gripping the bathroom sink and his head hanging down. Worried I walked over to him, careful not to startle him. "Gukky are you alright?" I asked sleepily. His shoulders tensed but he didn't move. "Go back to bed Leanna" Yongguk said harshly. "Yea, I want to, but your in here" I told him. "I'm fine Leanna, just leave me alone" he said harshly. I didn't shy away, instead I leaned against the door jam and crossed my arms over my chest. I waited, not saying a word as I stared at him. While I waited I looked him over, he must have just showered because his hair was dripping wet and there was only a towel around his waist. Yongguk sighed exasperated after a while and looked over at me. His eyes were piercing which made me quake inside. "Leanna" Yongguk sighed looking at me.  He let go of the sink and stepped towards me and continued until he was pressed against me, wrapping his arms around me and holding on for dear Life. "Baby don't leave me" he whispered in my ear. My arms went around him and I held onto him. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm with you right here" I said.  It lasted a moment before he let go and backed off plastering a smile on his face like nothing happened. I knew he had these panic attacks, every once in a while I would see him having one but he would never say anything after it passed. "I'm going to dry my hair and then come to bed" Yongguk said patting my head. I ruffled my nose at him. "Let me do it" I said following him into the bathroom.  I grabbed the blowdryer and made him sit on the edge of the bathtub so I could reach his head. He allowed me to dry his hair and when I was done he leaned back to rest his head against my stomach. His eyes were closed and he looked so handsome. "You know how much I love you right" I said which brought a smile to his face. "I do" he said. "Good. Now mister its time for some sleep" I smiled as he opened his eyes and looked at me. The two of us went back to the bedroom and crawled into bed together. Yongguk pulled me against his chest, holding onto me as we slept.  The next day I woke to find Yongguk wasn't in bed but he was at the desk, hunched over and focused on writing. I laid there watching him as I woke up. At some point he lost his focus and let out a sigh, turning to look at me. He smiled as he saw me awake. "Good morning beautiful" he greeted me. "How long have you been awake?" I asked him. "Awhile. Did I wake you?" Yongguk asked. "No, I woke up on my own. What are you writing?" I asked him. "I'm just writing in my journal" he said closing it. "I'll go make some food for you" he said standing. "No I'm okay" I said sitting up. The blanket around me fell into my lap exposing my breasts, his eyes trailed over my skin. "You are so beautiful when you wake up" he commented as he got closer to the bed. He sat down and pulled me to him, pressing a kiss to my lips. "Your sweet, but I'm a wreck. My hair is wild and knotty" I commented touching my hair. "I like your curls" he said touching the ends of my hair. "Gee thanks" I chuckled. "Can I get up for the day?" I asked him. "No" he grinned as he pressed another kiss to my lips. His lips trailed down, pressing kisses to my collarbone. "Hmm that feels nice" I sighed as his hands skimmed along my breasts and cupped them. "Feeling frisky" I chuckled as I laid down as he slid the comforter out of the way exposing me in just my panties. His talented hands skimmed over my skin and cupped between my legs. "I need you baby" yongguk sighed. He made fast work of taking my panties off and removing his jeans and boxers. He laid atop me grinding himself into me, he hadn't entered yet and I needed To feel him inside me. Urging him on my nails dug into his shoulders and he gave me what I wanted. He thrusted into me so smoothly that I moaned. "Ah beautiful, I'm not going to last long inside you" he groaned. "Neither am I" I agreed. With a few more strokes I felt him hit my g spot over and over making me wetter until I came, he pulled out just before he came against my belly. He rolled to the side. A few moments later I realized he was sleeping. I chuckled at that, but I knew he was exhausted. He probably didn't sleep last night, again. I let him be and got up. I took my shower and then got ready for the day as he caught a bit of sleep. I went out getting food for us for when he woke up. When I came back I stopped in my tracks. I had only been gone for a half hour, but the place turned upside down. The glass vase with flowers I had was now broken on the floor, papers were ripped up and scattered. There was blood by the broken glass that made me worry. "Yongguk?" I called out worried. A moment later he came into the room. There was a bandage around his hand, but he looked okay. "Where did you go?" He sounded angry. "To get food, what happened here?" I asked. "I'm sorry, I'll clean it up" he said deflated. His emotions were all over the place.  He needed time off but he was making me worried with his mood swings. I'd been with him long enough to know his dark secrets, I could relate but I also couldn't. I didn't know the pressures in the music industry, I didn't know the stress it put him under but I always remained by his side, helped him calm down when I could. I wouldn't let it scare me from the kind and sweet man that he was. "You do that, get the papers I'll handle the glass" I said setting the bags on the table. "I never liked that vase anyway. The color clashed with the flowers" I laughed light heartedly playing it off. We both cleaned up and when we were done I set the table and got the food out. "Lunch" I said showing off the food. I could hear his stomach growling and chuckled. "I'm starving" he smiled as if nothing happened. The two of us sat and talked about what we would be doing that day. I had the day off but Yongguk wanted to work on his writing. The day went by slowly and leisurely. He worked and I did my own thing. At the end of the day I was exhausted and ready for bed. I looked over at Yongguk who was looking at his phone. He looked troubled. "I'm going our for a bit" he said all of a sudden taking me by surprise. "Its 10 o'clock at night where are you going?" I asked worried. "Out, don't wait up for me" he said leaning over me to press a kiss to my lips and then he was off. Yongguk didn't return that night, or the next morning. 3 days of nothing. Not even a text telling me what happened. I was anxious and worried sick what happened to him.  By the end of the week I had enough and called one of his band mates hoping they would have a clue. "Daehyun. I'm sorry to be calling all of a sudden" I said when he answered his phone. "Leanna?" He questioned. "Yes. That's me.  I was wondering if you've heard from yongguk at all. He disappeared a few days ago and I can't get ahold of him" I explained. "Not to worry Leanna. Yongguk went to talk to the boss and got some time off. He was at the studio a little bit but took off. He's at his hometown right now" he explained. "He didn't tell me that" I sighed. Mostly saying that to myself. "He should have, he said he did." Dae sounded confused. "If you want the address I have it" Dae offered. "Yes please, thanks" I nodded. Scribbling down the phone number and address I thanked Daehyun and hung up.  I called the number to his parents house and spoke to his mother. It sounded like yongguk was there and spending time with his parents. I was going to tell her to have him call me but instead she told me to just come down and surprise him. She gave me her address and said it would be a couple hours drive from where I was at. I ended up taking a train instead and didn't arrive until late at night. Debating on going I wondered about a Hotel for the night. But at the train station I caught a glimpse of Yongguk. He was leaning against the wall, his eyes searching through the people. He must have known I was coming. When his eyes landed on me I couldn't help but smile to him. His lips curved up and he straightened to walk over to me. He came over and took my bag out of my hands. "I'm sorry for just showing up like this" I said to him but he shook his head. "I knew you would come eventually" he said as he started walking. We talked during the walk from the train station to his parents house. He told me about what he had been doing the last couple days and apologized for leaving without a word. At the house it was a quaint place. Yongguk held the Door open for me to go in and I did. "There she is. This crazy boy didn't even tell us about you until you called" his mother sound excited as she made her way towards me. "Ma. This is Leanna. I've been with her for a few months" yongguk introduced. She was excitable, after a round of introductions to his family, we all ate together. After dinner Yongguk took me aside, sitting out of the porch overlooking a crop field. It was so strange to see that kind of few. "Your mad at me" Yongguk sighed. I couldn't help but sigh too. "No, why would I be. I'm used to you just disappearing" I huffed. "You just at least give me a hint of where your going. I didn't even know you took a break from work until I talked to Daehyun" I told him. He was shaking his head and rubbing his eyes. " sorry" he mumbled. When he looked at me I saw how sincere he was. I flashed him a watery smile. "Don't you dare do that again mister" I lightly punched his arm in a joking manner. "Alright baby. I won't do it again" he pulled me into him, wrapping his arms around me. "But if I do I'll be hunting you down" I told him.

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