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A busy schedule kept Jiyong from being able to see Jak for the next few days, but he didn’t let it deter him. He knew what his decision was; getting her to trust him again was now the goal. If she didn’t trust him now, he’d go back to when she did.

Texts went out each morning and lunchtime checking if she was sleeping and if she was eating. He called promptly at 10 pm each night and she never rejected his call.
When he knew he had a couple of free hours he checked her schedule, shot her a quick text, and took off from the studio.
Jak walks into the Bau Dog House and is greeted by her normal pack of dogs. Her usual, faithful companion that greets her each time is no were to be found. Looking around she finds him snuggled up to a familiar shape on the floor. She walks over and sits on the other side of the dog. Sensing her he turns and starts giving her kisses; Jak smiles and laughs. Jiyong looks around the dog and smiles.
“I’ve missed that smile. Maybe one day I’ll put it back there.”
She snuggles into the dog fur and responds with a barely heard, “Maybe”.
The guy behind the counter comes over with an Americano for Ji and a Vanilla Coolatta for Jak.
“Your burgers will be up in about 10 min.” He waves at Jak and smiles before he heads back behind the counter.
Jiyong shakes his head and looks down at the floor while taking a sip.
“What?” she looks over and asks.
“Nothing,” he answers but looks over at her and smiles. “I can’t fault him, I obviously think your gorgeous.” He straightens his legs out and reaches over for her hand. When she doesn’t pull away he lets out his breath and kisses the back of her hand. “I just hope he doesn’t still have a chance.”
Jak curls her fingers into his but looks only at the dog in her lap. “I told you my opinion. Am I here to get your answer?”
His hand tightens on hers, “I already knew the answer.”
At her look he, puts his head against the wall. “But I did what you asked and thought more about it.”
She raised her eyebrow and he laughed. “I wrote down things we need to discuss if both of us want this to work.” At her nod he continued, “I don’t want to discuss them now. I want a few more dates, like at the beginning. You okay with that?”
She smiled and nodded as their name was called for food.
Due to schedules, the next few weeks went back to sending texts and receiving nightly phone calls. At the end of the third week, his nightly call was a little different.
“Hey Babe, how was your day?”
“You sound tired. You okay?”
“Long day. One of those where I just want to be away from everyone and everything but …”
“I get that. But what?”
“I wish..” he sighs, “You’re my comfort spot…. I miss you.”
Jak's eyes close as she grips the phone a little tighter. “I’m sorry.”
“Will you do me a favor?”

The pleading sound in his voice is her undoing, she takes a breath and responds. “Depends”
“Open the door?”
Jak puts her phone down and walks over to the door, she opens it to find a very tired, slightly disheveled, depressed Jiyong. She steps back to let him in.

He steps in, takes off his shoes, throws his jacket on a chair in passing and falls face first onto her bed.
Jak walks over and sits at the very top against the headboard, her knees clasped in her arms. After a few minutes she reaches out and strokes his hair. His hand reaches out to her knees and she stretches her legs out. He shifts over and places his head on her legs.

No words are necessary, no sounds needed, just the comfort of someone who knows you and accepts you for who you are.

Awe, sweet Ji, so glad they put in the work so he could go to her when he needed her so badly.
That was so touching and beautiful, Them starting again. I cannot wait to see what is on the list.