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😭 I'm going to miss seeing Naruto, when I saw the last episode and it showed Naruto giving his headband to boruto I was like noooooo ! I had been watching this show for a very long time and I learned a lot from everyone in the Naruto universe even from the bad guys ! Just seeing everyone work so hard inspired me to work hard in life. And them working hard was why I loved the show so much , as they worked harder and got stronger there names became known even more. A great example of hard work would be the main character Naruto lol , he was looked up to by no one but konohamaru and as he worked harder the people that he was made fun of by started to look up to him little by little until he was praised by the whole village ! But like some people say, words can't explain my love. I tried my best to put this into words but my love for Naruto is much greater then what I made it sound like. But hopefully we get to see everyone from Naruto in the new anime. Boruto will probably be fighting the bad guys, but hopefully Naruto can come in some times. But then again by what we've seen already in the boruto manga he might just unlock something new to defeat his opponent! Also I don't know about you guys but I'm going straight to my computer to rewatch every single episode and rewatch every single movie!
@ProphecyChild1 10 pictures are a limit? I post more than 10 pictures sometimes and it doesn't give me a limit... Are you using a computer?
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@ProphecyChild1 Hmm.. thats do weird lol
Also 10 pictures are the limit so I couldn't put more for Sakura .