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My albums came in the mail! I got my BTS YNWA Album on Thursday (Thank you to @amberg171997 for the giveaway!) and my GOT7 Flight log: Arrival Album on Friday (Thank you to... myself... lol)
... Seriously Amber... you just added more fuel to my BTS addiction...


Bias and Bias Wrecker.... ♡_♡
My Got7 collection is growing ♡♡

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Yayyy it came in!!
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Where you order ur got7 album from. Im still waiting on mine n I preordered 😱
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I pre-ordered the GOT7 album from Amazon and now I'm just waiting for it to come. I bought the other one, I don't remember if it was never or ever haha. But this gives me hope that it'll be here soon 😍
10 months ago