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This is getting way out of hand. Who in the right mind thinks it's okay to spread rumors like this. How are you going to accuse Jungkook of doing something like that??! Like tf?! And for the stupid girl that is agreeing to make the rumor real by saying Jungkook did that to her!! Hell no they are not going to get away with this!!! I am beyond pissed about this!! I do not understand why someone would make false rumors and go to this extent just because they do not like bts. What in world goes on in their heads???!! Ughhhh I'm just really pissed!! Then they want to say Tae is a pedophile and Jimin is a slut. Like come on!! Why would someone say those things??!! I got super pissed when she said Jin looked like he had down syndrome!! How can someone looke like they have down syndrome??! Someone please tell me. I have a cousin with down syndrome and he is the most amazing person i have met. Any person that has down sydrome is amazing. I seriously hate people that bash other idols because they don't like them. The girl that was saying those stupid rumors her name is in the screen shots I took. If eveyone has a twitter account please go and report her. She is also attacking other Army's online.
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As an EXO-L myself it disgusts me to even read this. I cannot believe EXO-L are like this to Armies. I know this probably won't help, but I apologize on behalf of the EXO-L who treat BTS with lack of disrespect.
Awe you don't need to apologize. You aren't the one saying those things.
these kids need a job. they have too much time on their hands...
Just thought I'd mention I just went to go report her on Twitter and her account is currently suspended 😂😂😂😂
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That's good! I had reported her account to
yeah I'm mad but honestly the more popular you get the crazier the haters get. All she is spreading is lies. If its ain't true there is nothing to worry about. Regardless of these trolls BTS making bread. When making bread you make enemies. The more Blessed you get the bigger demons will get.
I'll never be able to understand how someone can hate someone else this much/be this immature. You don't have to love them, but you don't need to put someone else down, so please just leave them alone and stop trying to ruin their image because it doesn't make you any better. ARMYs let's spread our beautiful wings of love and keep on protecting and supporting our boys! ❤
I don't understand it either. people are so cruel. It's dumb for them to be this immature and say those stupid things about bts.
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