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Who: Jung Kiseok x reader x Park Jaebeom x Oh Mintaek What: Smut clef: a new musical scale between Alto and Treble. When you hit the right note, oh boy the sounds you will hear if you catch my drift. Story: Your main boyfriend is a dominant by every sense of the word. You quite like it, the roughness, the demands but also the way he treats you like his most precious possession. One thing about your boyfriend though is he really likes to share and soon you find yourself submissive to not one, not two but three men. Three Masters with different personalities but somehow the same. What the hell are you about to get into.... Kiseok's POV The moment Mintaek called him about the penthouse being broken into he swatted one of the vases in the dressing room to the ground. Everyone in the room looked at him as he seethed and screamed, "What the fuck" into the phone. He'd absolutely gone too far this time. It had been years since they had broken things off and now Minho was destroying his place and threatening her. It was bad enough he'd assaulted her but now he was doing all this crazy shit. He walked out of the dressing room and talked to Mintaek. "He really went all out with this place Hyung." Mintaek said. "Bastard." "She's all broken up about it. Seems like it's a personal attack on her but as long as she's in the dark about why she'll be more scared." He said. "Well just keep her mind off of it, tell her I'll handle it." "That's not going to calm her down hyung. Do you even know the woman you're dating?" Mintaek said. "Of course I know her but she has to listen to me. Just take her back to your place until I get there. Call the police." "Damn he even cut her out of your photos, he told you to rot in hell too. Pretty cute message he must've been working on this all day." Mintaek said nonchalantly. "Are you admiring this psychos work? What is this fun for you?" Kiseok snapped. He heard Mintaek chuckle a little, "Actually it kind of is. I told you not to do that, I warned you not to burn the bridge but you just took that as a challenge and set it a blaze instead." "He's just been waiting for me to find someone I actually give a shit about. Damn it." Kiseok shook his head. "Hey that file you had on her, it's missing too. Seems like we've got more to worry about. See you should really listen to me when I tell you not to do certain things. I know how this shit turns out." If Mintaek had been in front of him while saying this he would've punched him in the face, which was probably why he was saying it over the phone. He sounded like he was enjoying the fact that she was in trouble way too much. Clearly Minho was unstable. Mintaek was right he should've listened to him when he told him not to burn that bridge but he didn't think he'd be this stupid to continue blaming him for what happened to her. It was so long ago and he'd dealt with it himself already, the guilt of what happened. He'd blamed himself enough, he'd moved on but it was why he was twice as protective with Y/n. The world was full of dangers he just didn't want the same thing to happen to her. Either way it might happen. Jay had even texted him and told him Minho was outside his building. Everything he'd done at the penthouse was done before which means he showed up to get her to see the damage he'd done. He wanted her to know he was coming for her. He wanted her to know it was because of him that he was after her. He was assuming that she knew about him and his past but even if she didn't he was sure some part of her knew that she was being targeted because of him. Mintaek said she was downstairs crying which made him feel worse about everything going on. "Look just- just call the police and get her out of there. I don't care what you have to do to calm her down just do it." Kiseok said. "Remember you said that." Mintaek said. Kiseok hung up the phone and sat down. They were telling him it was time for him to get back on stage. He refused until he finished what he needed to do. He was going to have to come back home to take care of everything. He'd have to apologize to fans for not coming to the last concert; he was going to finish this one up once he got in contact with her. He rang her phone but she didn't pick up as quickly as she did when he called her earlier. When the call finally picked up and Mintaek answered, he got annoyed. She wouldn't pick up the phone she was so broken down at the moment. She didn't want to talk to him but he wanted to hear her. He wanted her to hear him. He could hear Mintaek telling her she had to talk to him and he could hear the faint whine that she gave when she said no. He felt his heartache. Mintaek just told him to tell her what he had to say;she wasn't going to take the phone but Mintaek was going to have her listen. He called her name softly, he couldn't be upset at her. He was glad she wasn't hurt, that there wasn't any other encounter in the penthouse she hadn't said to Mintaek. The stairs were his only other get away. It still pissed him off that he came in there to scare her. He purposely appeared to get her to go back to the penthouse to see what he had done. He knew Jay and Mintaek were taking care of her. "I would never let anything happen to you baby girl you know that. I'm just glad you're safe I can replace everything in the penthouse later you don't have to cry about that. I'll find the fucker that did this. Don't worry." "Come home." She said in a small voice. "I'm coming as fast as I can baby. For now just trust Mintaek he'll take care of you until I'm home." He said. Mintaek came back onto the phone to end the call. Kiseok had to finish out this concert at the least but he had one of his assistants see if they could get him a flight back to Seoul the day after tomorrow... Y/n's POV Mintaek's long thin fingers pumped into your heat quickly. His hand had pushed one leg down while the other fucked you. You were screaming while your nails bit into his forearm. Your walls tightened around his fingers and he slowed his motions down, "Don't you fucking cum.' He snapped at you. You liked it though, you scratched at his arm while he continued his movement slowly to torture you. You whined below him, wiggling a little to get more feeling from him. You kept moving your hips while falling victim to the rush of lust coming over you. It didn't make you forget what happened it just stalled your thoughts. He sat up and pulled off his shirt and unbuttoned his pants to take them off. He forced you to sit up so he could wrap his arm around your back and kiss you hard. His tongue raided your mouth, taking over you while your hands gripped onto his body to keep yourself stable. He leaned over you, pushing his all his weight down so that he topped you. His hand came down to your thigh to open your legs more. You wrapped your leg around his waist while his lips continued to devour yours. He placed himself at your entrance and pushed inside of you. His hips snapped hard into your body. "Ah! Master, fuck me- fuck me harder." You begged as you brought him closer to you. Your bodies writhed against each other while the head board slammed into the wall. "Fuck you're tight puppy." "More, please." You begged. He pushed into you harder, grabbing onto the headboard for more support. You saw him sit up and bite his lip while looking down at you with darkened eyes. He quickly pulled out of you and turned you around; he lifted your ass in the air and pulled your hands behind your back. He quickly slapped cuffs on you and then he tied a blindfold over you tight. He slapped your ass once he pushed your head down into the bed. "You look sexy just like that." He said. He opened your legs up more and his hands gripped your waist. He started to slam into you from behind pulling your hips into his as he moved roughly against your walls. You screamed into the bed while your body tried to hold his member hostage. His hot throbbing rod prodded your heat consistent and intent on finding the perfect rhythm to bring you to a climax. "Who do you belong to?" "Hoo-msmskt." Your response was muffled in the sheets. You could feel his chest against your back and his hand slipped around to grab your neck. He lifted you up and his lips came to your ear while he squeezed on your neck. He kept fucking you while he repeated his question. "Who do you belong to puppy?" He said fucking you deeply. "You Master." You said. In this darkness, with Mintaek ravishing your body, kissing the back of your neck, dominating over you, you felt excited and thrilled beyond belief but at the same time you knew it was an empty thrill. When you woke up, the problems would still exist, the penthouse will still have been broken into, someone will still be after you, Kiseok will still be hiding things from you. Jay told you to enjoy this, so you would while you had it. "Say your my little girl. Tell me how bad you want me to have you." He said. "I'm your- little girl. Ah- take me Mintaek Fuck me harder." You begged. He gripped the back of your hair into a ponytail and continued to ride into you. "Master let me cum." You said. "Say you're mine puppy. Tell me you belong to me and I'll let you come. You only belong to me." He said. "I'm yours Master I'm all yours please let me cum." You screamed. "Then come puppy." He said pushing you down. Your walls had tightened even more as you let go of everything you held onto. You body shook against the bed as you cried out and whined into the room. His heat still rocking into you but you felt the pulse of it as he moved. The twitch that led to his creamy release filling you all the way up. He stayed in you, keeping you in that position while you panted. You took in deep breaths to calm your beating heart and he pulled your legs out to lay you down. He rubbed against you a little more and then pulled out slowly. "Are you asleep?" He asked. You were too tired to answer, you were drifting to sleep anyway. The last thing you felt was the handcuffs coming off you but the blindfold remained... The next two days went by quick. Yesterday you were at Jay's studio sort of sulking to yourself about everything going on. The fact that Kiseok was hiding things from you, that someone was after you, that the penthouse was broken into. Still, last night you had slept in the shirt Mintaek brought for you because it still smelled like his cologne and that comforted you. These small things gave you comfort even when you were upset at him. Yesterday because Jay was in the studio focused and you were bored out of your mind you looked on the website for modeling again. You told him you were going to the bathroom and he allowed you to go alone. You walked out and took the elevator downstairs instead and headed across the street. They weren't even allowing you to be seen as a walk in because you had no experience and nothing prepared. It wasn't until one woman recognized you as Kiseok's girlfriend that you got any time at all. She saw you with Jay on the street holding hands all the time and you at Mintaek's club. She saw you in the media all the time with Kiseok. She said you took great pictures but you secretly believed because you were Kiseok's it boosted your status. You were uncomfortable with that but at the moment you had to just play it off to get the interview. During the entire process it kind of felt like you were talking to a brick wall. The man in front of you had a hard face and rarely smiled but at the end of the interview he said you did well. He even took photos of you to reference while he made his decision. He told you he'd call and that gave you some hope of finding a job. You expected Jay to be upset but it honestly seemed like he didn't notice you were gone for so long and no one reported anything to him which saved your ass. Today though Mintaek was taking you home. Kiseok had boarded a plane last night and he'd come in just this afternoon. You were going home. There was some excitement in you to be returned to him but at the same time you were upset with him. You were upset that he didn't tell you everything. You knew he was keeping you in the dark about something and it was pissing you off. Mintaek took you upstairs with your bag in his hand, his arm around your shoulder and bringing you into his body. "Me and Jay are going to miss playing with you puppy. You look really sexy blindfolded." He smiled. You looked up at him silently. He gave you a soft smile and he dipped his head down to your lips. "One last kiss before I return you to him." He whispered. Your hand touched his chest and you pushed up on your tip toes to get closer to him. You kissed him and he pulled you in closer to him. His kiss was hard but anytime you felt like you were going to fall back he held you closer until the elevator doors opened up. You walked out of the elevator with him and he still kept you close like how Jay does when you walk with him. You came up to the door, it had been fixed. Mintaek opened the door and you walked in and saw Kiseok sitting on your couch. He looked up and smiled. He stood up and said, "Hi Bugs." You hurried into his arms and he hugged you. You buried your face into his chest smelling his cologne. You smiled into his chest and for the moment your anger had melted away. "I missed you." He said. You pulled him closer, his hand came to the back of your head and ran through your hair softly. "Mintaek can you leave us alone?" Kiseok said. "Man you two are going to fuck aren't you? Geeze I knew I should've asked Jay to give her to me earlier could've had more fun. Guess it would've been a waste anyway, I can tell she missed you. I'll talk to you later." The door closed behind him and Kiseok made you look up at him. He kissed you softly. "I missed you baby girl." He whispered. He advanced closer to you, sliding his hand up your shirt and kissing you deeper. You placed your hands on his chest and pushed him up but all he did was kiss your neck. You pushed up a little more and said, "Kiseok wait." "I thought you missed me bugs." "I do. I have but can't you explain to me what's going on?" "We'll talk about that later." He said. You pulled away from him. "I know you Kiseok whenever you say we'll talk about it later but you don't. You ignore it, you stall, you sleep with me to make me forget or your punish me for not listening. Someone is trying to hurt me because of something you did and I want to know why." You said upset. His face grew hard; he didn't want to talk about this at all and he was more than willing to make it seem like it was your fault. He couldn't keep avoiding this. He couldn't keep pretending like it didn't happen and neither could you. You wouldn't. "Please just tell me what's going on." you asked. "Y/n you're mine, just because I've been away does not mean-" "Kiseok you've been gone for two weeks we've dated for two years. I haven't forgotten the rules but right now I choose to say fuck the rules. Tell me what's going on. " you said. "Go to your room." "No." You said. He looked furious, "Go. Now." "I missed you so much, I wanted you back home with me so bad but honestly if you're going to keep treating me like this perhaps it's just best you stayed away." You said upset. He looked hurt by that. You didn't even think he could feel the pain that you were feeling right now. You didn't know why he was hiding so much from you. You just wanted an answer you just needed an answer and he wasn't giving you one and that was frustrating. "I came back here to protect you Y/n. I missed you baby girl, I did." He said. You had tears brimming your eyes, you looked away from him. "You never miss me when you're gone. You just say you do because it puts me at ease. You think it makes me feel better." You said upset. "How long have you known I slept with women while I go away?" He asked. You felt disgusted but you felt like crying even more now. "I'm really nothing but a slave to you." You cried. "That's not true." "Why did you do it? Every time you left. The first few times I had no clue but then you called me one night in the middle of it. You must've been drunk or an accidental butt dial but it was you. She asked you about me and you said I didn't matter at the moment. I know when you go away you do it but I choose to stay. I don't get upset or raise my voice or ask you to stop because I feel like I have no right because I'm yours I have to put up with whatever you say. I have been fairly obedient these past two years but you can not just ask me to look away from someone trying to kill me. I hate that you cheat on me, I hate how you thought giving me to Jay and Mintaek might make that better, I hate that I'm being targeted and you won't talk to me." You said upset. "Bugs just leave it alone." "The reason you won't tell me is because you don't care do you? You'd rather he just get me right?" You said upset. "You know that's not true." "I don't know anything Kiseok, you keep hiding things from me." You snapped at him. His jaw clenched and you stepped back just as he stepped forward. You were just as angry as he was but at least you had a right to be pissed. He stopped moving when he saw that you fled from him with each step he took. By now your were closer to the door than before. You didn't know how he got that mess cleaned up so quickly but he did, the curtains replaced, a new couch, the kitchen and the glasses in them clean and replaced. The rose petals gone. You stared at him as he looked at the floor. "I would do anything for you Y/n. Anything in my power to keep you safe and unharmed." "I don't believe that." You said. He looked up at you hurt even more. "If you cared as much as you say you do then you would tell me what they hell is going on. You'd tell me who's after me. Honestly, the guy who assaulted me is all I can think of but that would mean he would've had to have known you." "He does." Kiseok said. Your eyes narrowed on him. "Kang Minho, that's the name of the man you were assaulted by.- Y/n do you know when you're half asleep you only tell the truth? I know when you lie to me, you press your lips together just before you speak. When I came back and was putting you to bed I asked you about a bruise on your thigh and you told me it was from your assault. You fell asleep before I could ask who did it. You told Jay I don't hold you like you're the only one because you knew I was sleeping with women behind your back-" "No I didn't." You said. "Yes you did Y/n that's how I knew you knew about me sleeping with those girls. That's how I knew about the assault and that's why I know Minho is the one that assaulted you." He said. He found a state where you only told the truth and he used it against you. That must've been what Jay meant that day when he say said Kiseok wasn't kidding. He must've had them test it. You sighed. "Why is he after me? What did you do?" "It's not what I did, it's what I didn't do. Back before you met me I was dating a girl, her name was Mina. Minho and I had been business partners but I kind of stole Mina from him when I knew he had feelings for her. One night I dropped Mina off like a block away from her place, I had a meeting to get to I was already late for so I didn't stay to walk her all the way home. She was assaulted and killed. Minho blames me for that, he always has. In his mind, if I had never gotten involved with her in the first place she wouldn't be dead. " "So to make you suffer the same way he did he intends to kill me?" You said. "Yes." You leaned against the wall and covered your mouth upset. Your eyes were watering, you shook your head. "Y/n." "No!" You said holding your hand in front of you to stop him. He didn't move. He looked at you. You sighed and covered your face. "Why is this happening? You hid this from me. It doesn't protect me Kiseok it just makes it harder. It puts me in more danger to be in the dark." You said. "Look at me." He said softly. You looked up slowly and saw that he walked up closely to you. He placed his hands on the wall on either side of your head. He came close to you, "I'm sorry." He said lightly. You looked up at him. You ran your hand through your hair while the water the built in your eyes spilled over and let a tear run down. "I want you safe bugs. I spent years thinking he was right, if I had left her alone she'd still be alive. I spent years blaming myself for that. I met you and it felt so right." He said. He dipped his head down and softly pecked your lips. "Then why have you been cheating?" You asked. "Baby it was just fun I don't want them like I want you. You understand that right? You're mine. When I found out how you felt about it I stopped. You'll only be mine. So please don't cry." You grabbed onto his shirt, your grabbed a fist full of the fabric and he came closer to you, pressing his body against you more. "I really did miss you Bugs. I always do when I go away." He whispered. He dipped his head down and kissed your neck. You let out a short breath. Your hands crawled around his body and pulled him to you. You moaned as he licked up your neck to your ear. "Kiseok." You moaned. "Say it again baby." "Kiseok." You moaned again. His hand slipped into your panties. His fingers quickly slipped down your slick folds. They pushed inside of you. You gripped his arms, "Wait- - Ki-seok." You said through heavy breaths. "I can't wait anymore." He whispered. He picked you up and slammed you onto the couch. He raised your hands above your head and held them there with one hand. He came down to your lips to kiss you hard, his lips crashed over yours like fierce waves and his tongue dominated your own as if it owned you. At this point it did, he owned you. "Kiseok." You moaned. He came down to your neck to suck on your sensitive flesh. You were trying to get your head to focus. You wanted to resolve this but he was taking you and you were falling for every touch, kiss and lick he granted you. He yanked down your pants and panties. Your legs latched around his hips. Your arms came down to wrap around his neck and bring him closer while he kissed your neck. He went to undo his pants and you quickly said, "Kiseok use a condom." "What the fuck for?" He said pulling them down while you were latched onto his body. "I haven't taken the pill for a few days, Mintaek left them." You said. "Then let's gamble baby girl," He smiled and came down to capture your lips. He pulled up and you looked at him. "I want you to feel me fill you up bugs. You're all mine, no one is laying a hand on you." He said. He came down again while he slid inside of you, your hand cradled the back of his head while he kissed your neck... 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