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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 1455 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game. Part 13/?
J-Hope’s Pov: He turned when Yoongi screamed your name and starting running towards a white van that Immediately slammed the door. Only giving J-hope a glance of you being the one taken. He started running towards the van. While him and the rest of the guys stopped at the end of the carpet, knowing they could never catch the car, Yoongi and Jungkook tried running a little further till falling to the ground out of breath. Tae noticed something on the floor and had started picking up and J did the same. He read the names on each card aloud and Tae followed his action. Everyone started to tear, because every car had one of their names on it. “She was giving these to us?” Hope said looking up from the cards. “Namjoon!” The boys heard someone scream, and they looked over to see Jackson running in his suit and tie. “Namjoon! Namjoon what happened, where's y/n?!” He said out of breath. “Call the police, tell them y/n’s been kidnapped.” Tae said tearing up, along with Jungkook and Jin. “I should've sent someone with her! Why didn't I? Waeeee!?” Tae cried into Jin's arms making Jungkook cry more. J-hope was on the verge of tears when they notice Jackson glaring at someone walking on the street where the car disappeared with y/n. “Aye yo!” Namjoon tried getting Jackson's attention. “Yo! Jackson!” Namjoon tried grabbing his arm, but he took off to the figure. Jackson tackled man and started screaming as he pinned him to the ground. “You're a dead man! Where did you take her, you prick!” The boys had started running towards the two and stopped when seeing the man Jackson tackled, y/n’s ex. Jacksons Pov: He had seen the van drive away and Bangtang chase after it. His heart dropped when he didn't see you and started trying to make his way through the crowd. When finally making it through he saw the boys reading something. “Namjoon!” They looked over and Jackson noticed the tears in their eyes and became even more worried. “Namjoon! Namjoon what happened, where's y/n?!” “Call the police, tell them y/n’s been kidnapped.” Tae said tearing up, along with Jungkook and Jin. “I should've sent someone with her! Why didn't I send someone with her?” Tae cried into Jin's arms with Jungkook. Jackson was looking down the street when he noticed someone oddly familiar.There was one person who wore that coat and pants, and that dumbass wore them the day he beat up y/n and tried drowning her in the lake. “Aye yo!” Namjoon tried getting Jackson's attention. “Yo! Jackson!” Namjoon tried grabbing his arm, Jackson was determined to get this asshole. He was determined to get y/n back to his arms, safe! He tackled him and pinned him to the ground. “You're a dead man! Where did you take her, you prick!” The boys had started running towards the two of them. “Tell me where they’re taking her god damit!” “I don't know, I swear I didn't do this!” He screamed started to cry, making Jackson's eyes wide. “I didn't mean to hurt her!” He sobbed “I loved her!” Jackson's eyes darkened at the word ‘love’. He grabbed by the guy from his coat and hold his hands behind him. “We’ll see how much you love her when the cops get here.” As he said that he heard sirens coming there way. Jackson's deadly glare started to turn into tears. Y/N’s Pov: You woke with a headache and you body ached. Your vision was blurry but you were laying on a cold concrete floor. You rubbed your eyes to see the room you were in. It was most likely a basement. The walls were lined with steel and there was one long window boarded up from the outside. The door matched with the walls and had two deadbolt locks along with the one on the doorknob. Your chest began to feel heavy and stood up and ran to the door trying the doorknob anyway. When it didn't work you started banging on the walls, windows, and door. “Hello! Hello can anyone hear me?!” You sighed “shit” you tried to stay calm considering the Circumstances. While banging you noticed there was a small note on the door. ‘Be ready for shooting today sweety’ You wanted to throw up, what do they mean ready for shooting?! You took a deep breath and fell the tears were dropping and you didn't know what to do how you got there or why. You wanted to go home! You were sat there crying till you heard the door lock. You stood up and tried hiding behind the door as it opened, but had no luck. “Come on! Take off your clothes but leave on your underwear and bra, be ready in 15 minutes or else!” He pulled you from the back of the door and throwing you across the room. You were still weak from whatever the hell they gave you and you couldn't fight back, even when you tried. You didn't change instead you prepped yourself for fighting this bastard. He came in and you jumped on him, he lifted you from the ground and slammed you into the wall. You were seeing dots and stars as you vision became blurry. He became angry and once realizing you didn't change he beat you, as he undressed you. Two other guys came in and tied your hand together behind your back. You were in you spanx, underwear, and bra. They were dragging you to a dark room with a chair and a camera pointed at it. They untied your hands and sat you in the chair tieing your hand and legs to that. The two guys picked up a small baseball bat and small kitchen knife. Are they going to kill you on camera?!? He pressed record and the light turned on red, you dropped your head down fast enough so your hair was covering you face. “Bangtang Sonyeondan, E-X-O, and Got 7, I am a very important person but apparently not to you, this lovely girl is though.” He stopped then on of the guys lifted your head by forcefully pulling your hair. As he did this you could taste the blood in your mouth. Probably cut your lip from the beating. “She, right now isn't in too bad condition, but the longer you take to cooperate she’ll be torchered.” You looked at him behind the camera in disgust. The guy let go of your hair and punched you in the stomach knocking the air out of you. “What we want is very simple for you to give us. We want you to give us your precious little managers in exchange for the girl, if not we keep the girl and use her” he pause and motioned to the other guy. He placed the blade on your neck. “For our own needs.” As he said the last words the man moved the knife down to your breast. “Don't listen to them! Your managers are your family!” You screamed surprising them. “Shut her up!” The man had the knife dropped it and hit you with the bat. Instead of making you shuddup you screamed. “Guys please find me, don't lose your managers!” With one final swing to the head you were out. Kidnapper’s Pov: He was angry at the girl, she should have kept her mouth shut. He noticed the blood coming from her head as she sat there the ties being the only thing keeping her from falling off the chair. He stopped the video and took out the tape. “We got enough to show them, now take that bitch out of here before she wakes up.” He watched as they dragged her body back to the room. He knew she'd be a problem. Y/N’s Pov: You woke up untied but being thrown back into the room. You hit the floor and moaned in pain you turned to look at the door as it locked. “Fuck you asshole’s! They'll never give up on their family!” You scoffed. Those bastards think your someone special, you're only a dance teacher. As thinking this you realized. To the guys you really are just a dance teacher. You shit out your family and the guys and your friends were the only ones you opened up to. Please find me guys, please don't let me play this game alone. You started crying and fell asleep leaning against the wall.