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Oh man, looked up killing stalking memes. Was not disappointed.
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season 2 got delayed today until April 14
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as long as season 2 still comes out I'm ok馃槒馃憤
9 months ago
Yoon bum x freedom is my otp
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not gunna lie the sketchers one actually made me laugh
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Personally I think the Yoonbum x freedom thing is kinda stupid. For the most part he wants to be there. He doesn't like the abuse obviously, but he does still seem quite enamored with Sangwoo. Most people also seem to conveniently forget that Bumi is a murderer and guilty of breaking and entering, as well as stalking which can be/is considered harassment. Actually if you think about it, what's happening to him is kind of his own fault. Now, clearly he couldn't have known his mega crush wa
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Rant aside, I love the first one <3
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