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Haven't posted in a looong time, sorry guys haha so here's a lot
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...I don't understand the first one. Do the Brazilian fans always make that barrier? Why? So J-Hope, Jungkook and V all have private social media? Is that a problem? When did Ryan meet Jay Park omg he looks so fluffy!! BTS's Japanese version of Blood Sweat & Tears will come out on my 18th birthday..FINALLY SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!!! Did J-Hope legit on purpose flip off the camera?? BigHit please collect him. That 'holy trinity' thing makes me so jealous πŸ˜’ the ARMY bomb thing was funny. Why did it take so long for Coolio to recognize V? They should've known that BTS would flourish after that first trip to the U.S. Just thinking about how far they've come is incredible. I'm blown away, I didn't know the Wings tour would give them all this fame from the U.S and western artists but it's a shame they had to go on a radio show to prove that they are amazing. The one with Jimin as an international ARMY with Jungkook as BTS is still the same as if it were Korean ARMYs and BTS cause I'm still too far away ._. I miss Peniel's hair...Daehyun is off the walls and needs to dial it back a bit. Istg it's not even Produce 101 anymore, that not how you should treat trainees. They should just cancel the show for the safety and sanity of everyone. I was right on the cover Rap Monster did tho. What the show that BTS is supposed to have in the U.S? The other memes haven't loaded yet...