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This is getting out of hand
we need to protect BTS from all these haters
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How do we make bighit see this? I want to tweet them a lot but it's just me.
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the only way we can get them to see it if we tweet them alot. I don't know if you can email them. You can try to email BigHit
7 months ago
im just saying but because of the threats the concert ended early in new york...
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omg really, that's unfair to army and other "real" fans, but at least everyone is safe
7 months ago
@JJiBin tru tru
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April 1St is April fool But I am still very worried and scared
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I swear every time they come to the US some idiot is threatening their life this is pissing me off. like there's no point in doing this to people. if you dong like them or their music than just don't listen good lord this is too far to be threatening innocent people's lives.
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