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Well there has been going around the world that a anti bts fan selja wants to kill jimin with a gun but that bitch better get through us armies first. We armies are Jimin only protection. Selja is going to shoot jimin when he does his solo dance LIE. Who ever is going to the Honda center April 1 keep your eye on every army. They might look innocent but one person is not. Securities should check everybody's bodies and our bags for any suspicious items or behavior. #PROTECTJIMIN BigHit should do something about it.
He is sitting where there is a green circle
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They need to report this to the authorities, joke or not. This is ridiculous! Ive tried to hold back but i just can't anymore ! This person is HORRIBLE!!!
someone reported it to the lapd and the Honda center so they are taking extreme measures
I read that it's been reported to the local police, the arena and big hit already. I seriously hope that no one gets hurt and the person making these threats gets the (mental health) help they need.
since this is supposed to be on April first, i feel like this is just some really sick and twisted joke. but even still I agree that this is ridiculous. No one should joke about killing someone! this poor angel is probably terrified now. I'm glad that the police have been notified so I hope this sick person doesnt come within 20000000 feet of our jimin
It might be legit. This world just gets more corrupted by the day... I hope to God they will be safe
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@AubriePope I agree his life is more important
Shit like this makes me fucking hate people and being a part of this species.😤 These people need to get their shit together and appreciate what these angels do or stay away from them if they want to be Anti. Just leave them the fuck alone if you don't like them why is it so damn hard?
my thoughts exactly