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I have NO idea how anyone can hate this adorable human being. I'm so dissapointed in people who think its okay to attack/threaten idols, no human beings !! SMH..! Thank goodness Honda Center and the police were notified.


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You got to be crazy not to love this angel 😍
9 months ago·Reply
Attack? Something happened?
9 months ago·Reply
@AmbieB a anti(selja) is threatening to kill jimin
9 months ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward if she does anything to that mochi, its not the police she should worry about. its me
9 months ago·Reply
still we should worry with the police and not have any army's use drastic measures (I don't want anyone to get hurt dealing with a dangerous person)
9 months ago
he's an angel sent from the heavens above
8 months ago·Reply