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I'm sure a lot of people have already heard about all the hate comments, rape and pedophile rumors, and death threats being directed toward BTS right now. If you haven't you can look it up if you want, but I'm choosing not to link anything I've seen because those people don't need anymore attention than they are already getting. I just wanted to express some thoughts I had about it.

Hate Comments

Obviously the boys are no strangers to getting hate comments saying they don't have talent or are ugly or whatever else. I mean Rap Monster even wrote Cypher 4 about it. So even if they are seeing these comments I hope they aren't even taking them with a grain of salt.

Rape and Pedophile Rumors

To falsely accuse someone of this is something to take seriously. There are real people's lives ruined false accusations and those who have gone through this and haven't gotten justice.

Death Threats

This is the one that really bothers me. People are sending death threats and saying they are going to kill Jimin at one of the upcoming events. Telling someone to kill themselves or threatening to kill them is not a joke.
All the boys are so sweet, what have they ever done to deserve this kind of hate? Nobody deserves that kind of treatment.

What should we do?

Someone else who posted about this said that it's all empty threats to get attention, and I agree that it is. It's best not to interact with these type of people and give them what they want. However some of this is serious and I think if we see people saying these things they should be reported.
As far as the death threats go even if they are serious there is no way they are getting any sort of weapon past security. There are multiple metal detectors, bag checks, and pocket checks. The boys are constantly with some kind of managers or staff as well.

I know that BTS isn't the only group to receive this kind of hate either and we should all do our best to put this kind of thing to a stop.
GOOD NEWS big hit is taking action too keep the boys safe and LAPD with the Honda center is going maximum on their security
Yes thank goodness!
Ugh things like this really piss me off!!!!!!
this is getting so out of hand but I'm worried about some of the army's who want to try and deal with the person but I want everyone to be safe