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Hello beautiful, bright, lovely ARMY !! ♡ Wow how time flies! Before i get into anything i just wanted to say thank you all for making this a beautiful first quarter. The amount of love you all have for BTS is truly wonderful and they would all be SO touched.♡ I know i may have been lacking but you were all very supportive! ARMY really is a family huh guys ? Ahh moving on before i get all emotional. xD

This week we are going to be writting goodbye letters as Q1 Mods. Pretty simple, look forward to those.♡

And in other news as you know, BTS have kicked off their U.S Tour! Our boys have been receiving so much love here in the States! They'll be doing more interviews and they will also be bringing us a super secret show!! Please look forward to that as well!! ♡

Side Note: I decided not to post any negative news because we should stay positive and pass that positive energy to our boys.

And that concludes this weeks BTS Community Weekly. Have a spectacular week and good luck to everyone who applied to be moderators !! ♡


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*sniff* It was an honor working with you!! (& my fellow mod supporters). 🔍😭🔎💜💜
Same!! 😭💕
Im looking forward to next quarter!!! Hoping you get it!
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You're welcome!!! 💘💘