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Here is my oneahot for the B.A.P contest. hope u guys like it.

Youngjae X Reader

I was running around my room like crazy person. Youngjae asked me out on a date last week and I am so nervous. I was trying on different clothes to see which one will match. Ugh. I can't find anything. Finally I decide to wear a dress with some flats. I put on some mascara and a light pink gloss. He knocks on the door. I open it and give him a hug.

“Ready for our picnic date?” he says, smiling. His smile is so cute and adorable.

“I am ready.” I get my handbag and we both go to his car.

“You look so pretty, Y/N.” He say.

“Thank you.” I say shyly. “Um. You look very pretty, I mean, handsome. You look handsome.”

Stupid Y/N. Why did you call him pretty. The date hasn't started yet and you are already messing up.

“Aw. I am pretty.” he says laughing. “But you are prettier than me.”

We arrive at the park and I take the blanket and he takes the basket. We find a tree. I lay the blanket and we sit under the shade.

“I told you I should have a least brought something.” I say to him.

“No. I said I would take care of everything.”

He starts to take everything out of the picnic basket. There are sandwiches, fruit, drinks, and two wine glasses.

“Did you bring wine or something?”

“I didn’t know what wine you liked so I just bought grape juice.”

“Oh. You are so cute.”

We eat the sandwiches and look at the sky. We point out all the things we see. We eat the sliced strawberries and blueberries. He serves me grape juice and pretend it's wine. He tells the funny stories about going on tour and the random things they did. We are both laughing like crazy to the point that my stomach hurts. We both finally calm down and he takes a sip his grape juice



“I think you are so awesome and really cute. I really like you.”

“I like you too Youngjae.”

“I was so nervous about this date and I didn’t know if it will be a disaster or not.”

“Don’t worry. I had a great time.”

Then he slowly leans in closer to me, closing his eyes. Omo. He is going to kiss me. What do I do?

I close my eyes and just wait from his lips to kiss mines when I feel little droplets of water fall on my face. Youngjae opens his eyes and we both look up in at the sky. It’s raining.

“It’s raining on a sunny day? Whoa that’s weird.” Then it starts to pour.

“Omg.” I say, laughing.

We pick the stuff and run to the car. Our clothes and our hairs soaking wet.

“I am so sorry. I didn’t know it would rain. Your clothes is all wet and your hair too. I am so sorry, Y/N.”

“Don’t be. It was fun.”

He drives me back to my apartment building and walks me up to the door.

“I had a great time Youngjae. The rain was random, but it was fun.”

“You are not mad?” he says

“Why would I be mad? I really like you Youngjae and a little bit of rain will never change that.”

I give him a hug.

“I really like you too Y/N.” he says hugging me tighter.

I give him a kiss on the cheek and I see his cheeks turn a light pink. He lets go and looks at me.

“Another date next week? I promise no rain.” He says.

I laugh. “Yea. Another date would be nice.”

“Ok I’ll pick you up at 12 pm.”

“Okay.” I say, smiling at him.

“Bye Y/N”

“Bye Youngjae.”

And I close the door and run to my room, thinking of the date. I can’t stop smiling. I probably look crazy right now. I can’t wait for the other dates I will have with him.
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