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Guys! Does anyone know if an English version of the manga Koisuru Boukun exists? And if it does, where can I get it? I've read it online, but I want a physical copy in English please.
I had a quick look online and i dont belive that a phycial english volume exists :( or if it did then they stop dont seem to be printing it anymore
Update! I found someone selling the entire set on eBay and it was in English! But the price is a bit high. So I asked the seller where they got the mangas from and they told me so I checked it out and the prices were really low, but they are currently out of stock and a lot of the series is unavailable or sold out. Sooo... I managed to find the series in English but I either have to pay way extra for the complete series or wait til the website has more copies available, which I don't know when that will be.
That really sucks! I wanted a physical copy in English and is doesn't exist. 😔😫😭