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E Squad
Fire Writers Fanfiction:
Word Count: 1107

(if you haven't read the last part I suggest going ----> HERE <----- to read it or you can read the recap if you wish...)

Recap/ Spoilers:

Scarlett meets a suspicious character named Griff as she just finished talking to her college friend Anna in the middle of the quad. When she goes to class the fire alarm interrupts the lecture making everyone evacuated the building. Scarlett finds herself sitting on a bench near the building with her ear phones in when another man she has never met sat down next to her. Agent Park Jinyoung, the man who sat next to her, tries to convince her to go with him for her safety after telling her she’s in danger and Griff is somehow involved. The Agent takes off angrily after he fails to convince her to come with him and she follows him. Keep reading to find out what happens next…

Part 2: Where am I hiding?
He walked around a corner and I perused close after him. Which was a huge mistake on my part, I know that now. “Wait!” he didn’t even pause for me to catch up to him. ‘If he really wanted me to come with him why was he practically running from me?’ I thought. As soon as I rounded the corner, someone grabbed me. Holding my hands to my sides as I struggled to get free of their python like grip. The other free had covered my mouth and nose with a cloth that rank with sweet pungency. I tried to hold my breath and my lungs burned in protest. I kicked, tried to scream, and fought as hard as I could, but Sooner or later I couldn’t hold my breath anymore and I inhaled the pungency again. My body started to go numb and things slowly faded to nothing. “This is the only way, I’m sorry…” I could hear the person that was holding me say in my ear.
“I told you that doing that was the last resort and you go and do it anyways.” As I slowly started to come to I heard someone scolding someone. I didn’t open my eyes because my eyelids were still so heavy.
“I know I’m sorry, but she wouldn’t come with me and every second that she was out there she was in danger.” The second masculine voice replied.
“That’s when you should call for back up, not kidnap her by using chloroform. You could have killed her.” The first voice insisted.
“Well then we wouldn’t have to worry about her dying a horrible death…” I heard something hit something with a slapping sound.
“Don’t say that again! Her parents expect us to keep her alive and out of harm’s way, not cause it! Do you understand?” “Yes, sir,” the second replied respectfully.
“Do your fucking job right next time!” “Yes, sir…” he answered again in the same tone. “What are you laughing at, Jackson? You want to get hit, too?... I didn’t think so…” the first voice paused. “We have a girl’s life in our hands, so we don’t have any room for fuck ups. Does everyone understand?” “Yes, sir.” I hear multiple voices reply in unison. I officially identified the second voice to be the Agent that was talking to me before I was kidnapped.
I could finally open my eyes and when I did I found myself in the dark. It took a few seconds for me to make out some stuff, like the shelves that lined the wall. It was a large room and it was pretty bare besides the furniture around it. I sat up and my head was spinning. Holding both sides of my head with my palms, I sat on the edge of the bed, trying to get the room to quit spinning. I heard a door squeak open. “She’s up!” I heard the matched the voice that was scolding Agent whoever had grabbed me and knocked me out. As my eyes finally focused I looked up at whoever was at the door, and found him in my face making me jump and bump my head on the bed frame. “Ouch!” “Oh, sorry, are you okay?” he reached up to touch the sore part of my head. “Ouch, don’t touch it. It’s sore” he pulled his hand back towards his crouching body. “Sorry, I’m Chief Im JaeBum, but you can call me Chief JB, everyone close to me does. I’m over the idiot that forcefully brought you here.”
“Okay…? Why the hell am I here?” I asked in all seriousness. He hesitated and then said “The only thing we can tell you is that we are here to keep you safe…” “That is some bullshit.” I stood up, almost losing my balance, but righting myself before I face planted. I hastily walked out the door, down the hall where I could see a man I never seen before standing in front of an island in a kitchen through the open door. I assumed that’s where Agent Dickhead was as well. I enter the kitchen and I had a clear view of Agent Jinyoung. I went straight for him, passing up three other guys in the process. I don’t know what came over me because I’ve never been so pissed off before. When I closed the distance between us, I slapped the crap out of him. My hand never stung so good before because I’ve never hit someone, but I felt like he deserved it. Maybe more than a slap… but again I wasn’t someone who hit people. He just stood there for a good few seconds before saying something with his eyes directed to the floor.
“I deserved that… I’m sorry…” “You drugged me, dragged me here against my will and all I get is an ‘I’m sorry’?!” I paused and he wouldn’t look me in the eye as I yelled at him. “You had no right you, asshole!” I raised my hand and I was going to swing again, but his hand caught my wrist before it got anywhere close to his face. “I apologized after you slapped me…” now he was giving me a scary glare. “One, I will allow, but more than one is going too far, don’t you think?” I gave him a glare back and pulled my hand back from his grip. I turned to see four pairs of eyes on us. Chief JB was in the door way and the other three mystery Guys were all standing around the kitchen island that I passed to get to the Agent. “Um…” I froze, still trying to wrap my brain around this situation. “Well, isn’t this a terrible start to a long trek...” one of the younger looking guys said in the stale silence. “Tell me about it.” Another one said.


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