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Last and final question!!!

Why do you like Naruto???

This card closes at 12 pm EST and the contest will end!! The winners will be announced tomorrow!
why would you not like Naruto?? - He is a kid who never gives up, goes against what everyone thinks he may be "a failure" and no matter what protects his friends and family with his life until he can't move anymore. he is someone who sees everyone as "a good person" (sasuke) no matter what anyone thinks and tries his best to find the good in people even though they have cause pain and death to his village konoha (like gaara and pain) - he is just soo pure, kind, and selfless - he makes everyone want to change, be his friend and believe in themselves even though no one else will. this anime shows that being who you are is the best way to be - have your friends and family with and you will be able to go against all odds - i love this anime for showing that anyone can be who they strive to be even when the world is against them, even when the odds are stack up to bury them in the ground, and even when everyone is out to destroy them anyone yes anyone can be whoever or whatever they want to be!!!!!!!!! - love Naruto all the way
It had every genre mixed together and though some of it could be predictable it always kept you on your toes. The first episode I saw was the fight scene between Naruto and Sasuke when they​ were kids and Sasuke was leaving Konoha and going to Orochimaru. I watched it an anime shop it was the Japanese version with fan-subs. It came out the week prior and I just stood there and watched it. I was hooked. I asked to buy the series but he didn't have it. But he told me where I could download it. I didn't watch it for a couple of months later when I got out of the military. Then I binged watched it and wanted more then I found the manga and read it I have been addicted since.
1)We were about the same age ans I was able to relate to him on a personal level because for a while I was on my own pretty much. pushed away from everyone and I kinda just projected my self onto him seeing that he was able to get past what everyone else thought of him and become a s great as he dis that o might still might have some hope. 2) I was suicidal and had nothing to look forward to at alland what I saw was that everything on my life was broken and that it's not really worth living and I tried a couple times after a while o was introduced to this show and going back to reason one 3) I hafd a friend that was super into anime and I made a deal with her that I would watch the first episode of naeuto if she listened to I'm not a vampire by falling I. reverse and she accepted so I wached it and it was rwaly interesting and gave me hope (refer to reasons 1&2)
A dream chaser he looked back on all the people he met even if there bad he found the good in them know matter what. He also had a big heart and his parents (even though gone) he achieved a lot of happiness through a lot of sadness it's something to follow if you wanna chase if there's something more that you want