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Drama watchers are like snowflakes--no two are exactly alike. Take a look at some of the most popular types of drama watchers we've compiled, and see which ones you fall under. You can be more than one type at once, or constantly shifting from one to another! 1. The Waiter aka. Let Me Watch 20 Shows At Once OMG Heirs! OMG Marry Him If You Dare! OMG Unemployed Romance! OMGOMGOMG THEY ALL LOOK SO GOOD!! Dramas are like Pokemon to The Waiter, you just gotta catch 'em all. The Waiter loves new simulcasts, but the wait for new episodes is so unbearable that she must fill her spare time waiting with other simulcasts. This results in watching six dramas at once and multiple variety shows as well. 2. The Marathoner The Marathoner cannot stand waiting, so she won't watch a show until everything is out. The Marathoner can therefore be picky about which shows to start, as she usually already knows the audience reactions and ratings. The Marathoner is usually very bad at time management and self-control, and 36-hour drama binges are not uncommon. The Marathoner lives for weekends and vacations. 3. The Dabbler The Dabbler enjoys K-Dramas, but it has not engulfed her life (yet). She will start a drama now and then, and sometimes she will finish it while other times she will forget about it. She keeps up with most of the releases, but generally is picky about which dramas to pick up (like if the description and actors REALLY interest her!). 4. The Momma's Girl (or boy) The Momma's Girl (or boy, as boys like dramas too!) watches all her drama with her mama (yes, that rhyming was absolutely necessary). God forbid you watch without her because hell hath no fury like a mother who finds out her trusted daughter has left her an episode behind. The Momma's Girl (or boy) decides ALL their "to-watch" dramas with their mamas and they watch EVERYTHING together. 5. The Slumber Party Queen Your friends are definitely a reflection of you, as all of you love K-dramas, Lee Min Ho, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. The Slumber Party Queen, much like The Momma's Girl, does not usually watch her dramas alone. Rather, she and her army of fifteen like to pile on top of each other every Friday and Saturday for Shin Ramen fueled K-drama sleepovers. Or rather, it was supposed to just be a daytime gathering but then everyone got so hooked that nobody wanted leave. The Slumber Party Queen and her army like to make loud inappropriate commentary towards the TV and scream profanities in unison. You swear you are all very intelligent as individuals, but somehow as a group you become very harebrained. 6. The Forever Alone She just doesn't like people. Well, at least watching with people. The Forever Alone watcher enjoys her dramas in solitude so she can sob, laugh, eat, fart, pick her nose, etc in the lovely comfort of her own privacy. She enjoys the freedom of fast-forwarding, rewinding, and replaying at her own leisure, and stopping and going at her own pace. 7. The "I-Must-Eat-Whenever-They-Eat-er" K-dramas have a lot of food. People are always eating! This affects the IMEWTE-er in significant ways. She will want to eat whenever the leads are eating, and if she can't get whatever they're eating on screen, then she'll settle for whatever's left in the fridge. The UMEWTE-er's go-to dish of choice is usually ramen. 8. The Traveler Where you go, K-drama goes. The Traveler brings her device with her wherever she may go, and wifi is always her best friend. Family reunion? No problem, she's hidden in the corner with the iPad. Work? Your phone has a perfect hiding spot under your desk. Shower? That's what clear plastic bags are for, duh!
hahaha 4,7, and 8 i am
1,3,8 i havent done a marathon
2 and 6 all the way.LOL
All 8 lol
a combination of 1 2 3 and 5