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Eric Nam is Selling Houses Now?

So I was just on YouTube minding my own business when I decided to watch this video that kept showing up in my recommended:

I love house tours but when I saw the realtor's name I got SUPER excited ;)

I would buy a house from him :)

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Well if the house is $10 million dollars, then it must be hard to say no to the commission he'll be getting 馃馃槅.
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Is it for real? If I had money, I'll definitely buy a house from him 馃槅
8 months agoReply
in the words of Jackson "Eric, shut up " !!! and take my money
8 months agoReply
馃槀馃槀 best comment award goes to you
8 months ago
8 months agoReply
omggg what ?!! wow!! i would be like oppa can you buy it for me ? 馃槀馃槀馃槀
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