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Hey guys! I'm really wanting to start making cards, so my friend suggested that I try the 30 Day Block B Challenge. Here goes!
Day 1: Your Block B Bias

My bias is *drumroll*... U-Kwon!
I know it. Surprising, yes? He was my first ever bias. My friends showed me Nillili Mambo and I saw him and asked "Who is that guy? Can he be my bias?" And he has been ever since.
U-Kwon ❤
Dude, I forgot that that's what you did when you saw U-Kwon 😂
I didn't know there was Block B 30 day Challenge. Did it just started?
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he's my bias too ^^ I liked him since the first MV I saw. Very Very Good. He looked so good. I loved him even more when I watched Hit the Stage. happy to see others love him too!!