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~~Introduction ~~
An “empty” cab is following me. I know it is because on the zig-zag road to my dorm this car is still behind mine. I feel like I am going crazy with all this, thinking Jungkook touched me and those prickles in my back. Pulling into the dorm parking lot I tell the guy to stop right in front of the lobby door and not off to the side. Looking out the window the cab drives past and I just see the edge of a camera. Yoon-Hee was waiting inside with a taser.
“ Y/N what happened at their dorm? What is the code red?”
“ I think that something is going on, like maybe it is paparazzi or a crazy fan but, when I was there it felt like somebody was watching me. And on the way here a cab was following me.”
“ If it was a crazy fan then I think she would be with us in the elevator by now. The paparazzi theory is more realistic...yay you will be on Dispatch!!’’
“ Why do you have a taser?”
“ Why don’t you?”

~~~~ 2017 ~~~~
No matter how much I go through the internet I can’t find the picture of me leaving the BTS dorm, which would exist if the paparazzi was following me. This is just really worrying and stressful between work, school, keeping in proper contact with my mom back home, and my relationship with Jin. Throughout the next few weeks I find myself waiting anxiously for the possessive side of ARMYs to message me on instagram but, nothing. Going about my days I spin in circles just HOPING to bump into the person following me...if there was a person following me. I finally let go of my stubbornness and reach out to Rap Monster for help.
“ What are you doing here? Is there a new schedule that we need?” Rap Monster is the physical image of the word “leader” you can tell just by looking at him that things will get done and that you can trust him.
“ Look Rap Mon--can I just call you Namjoon? Look Namjoon since 2016 when Jin and I started dating I feel like someone is following me but, it is just a feeling.*tears that I have fought back for months start pouring from my eyes* The only time I might have seen a person was WAY back on my 100 days with BigHit. I swear that I am not crazy I just--
“ Y/N please stop crying, it’ll be okay. I do wish that you would have come to either myself or Jin before but, at least you are here now. In the time that your relationship with Jin has grown I am extremely surprised that nothing has surfaced with paparazzi or sasaengs. The only conclusion I can make from that is, someone is trying- very hard-- to cover it up.”
“What was that?”
“I think it was just Jungkook or something.”

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