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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 818words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game. Part 14/14!
Hey guy before we start I just want to apologize for the short ending, but I do have another fanfic in the works and may I say I am very proud. I've been working in it for quite some time and it's defiantly an improvement from this. This ending is a bit rushed but it'll do. If you want to know about the second fanfic please comment. I'll have a card up later today giving the character profiles. And a brief summary. And thank you so muck for the support💕💕💕
Jackson’s Pov: He was so distracted and upset, he hasn't been sleeping or eating right. I had been almost a month since they had taken y/n and he was starting thinking the worst. A week after she was taken they had gotten a tape of you. Jackson wanted to die, he saw the fear in you and he wanted to take the asshole that took you to hell. He had been crying himself to sleep since you've been gone. He had been stopping by the police station to see if there was anything new. They have the area of where you might be, but can't find any evidence to find the exact house. Y/N’s Pov: You had completely lost track of time, you didn't know how long you've been there or how long it'd be till you'd get out. You didn't listen and constantly got beat. Other girls had come in and out but you had stopped talking altogether. You missed the guys and needed to get out of here. You were eating the slop they gave you saw something on the wall. There weren't any cameras in her cause well there's nothing in here, but in the corner there was something sticking out of it. When you pride it out you cut your hand. “Fuck!” You cried. And picked up the knife that had something varied into it. ‘Get out of this place, kill the bastard before he kills you’ You had never stabbed anyone before lead alone kill them, but you weren't the only person these assholes have taken. You were sick and dying here in your own you needed to this. You were mentally preparing yourself for the next time he'd come in. You've been here long enough to know that the main guy would be the o my one to be here during the day. From the little beam of light coming through the crack in the boards of the out side window. It was day time. You were trying to stay calm but also wanted to get rid of this guy. You needed enough energy to actually stab him. You went behind the door when you heard it unlock and stood there. You had the knife pressed against your thigh and you sliced it. You screamed and tackled the guy stabbing him one after another still he laid there. You were out of breath crying and screaming. You took the keys for his belt and locked the door leaving him in there. There was no one else there. All the rooms where the other girls would be were empty. You ran outside and just screaming and running. There went any houses nearby that you could see, so picked a direction and just started sprinting. You were just running without talking till you heard someone scream your name. They sounded so familiar and so far. “Jackson!” You screamed and kept running. You started running and stopped at a empty street and screamed again. “Jackson!” You screamed and started to cry. Did you not actually hear him? “Y/n!” You looked up and saw him running towards you. You stood up and ran towards him. “Omg you're ok, where'd you come from. Are you ok, what did they do to you?” All you could do was cry. You were safe. He held you close and pulled out his phone. “I found her I found y/n, Guillermo she needs an ambulance please hurry, yes we're on the abandoned street, yes! Hurry!” You pulled away as he hung up the phone and your vision got blurry. The room started going black and you leaned into Jackson. “It's ok y/n I got you now, I'll keep you safe.” That was the last thing you heard before waking up in a hospital bedroom, yet again. When everyone came in there were a lot of tears. You were finally safe, Jackson never left your side and you didn't want him to. They had told you that they found your kidnappers and your ex and that there was no need for you to testify. Both would be going away for a very long time. They were actually able to find the other kidnapped girls and get them home. You felt like a hero, a real fucked up hero, but still a hero. You continued you dance with bangtang but stopped after a year. Jackson and you had been in a relation for 4 years since then and he had proposed to you on Valentine's Day. You were so excited for your wedding day that was coming up. Something awful can truly turn into a masterpiece. But that's only if you know the rules. After all life is just a Game.