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So after getting the latest volume of blood lad i just HAD to get to drawing the awesomeness from it! And for once it isnt staz :')
(I dont wonna explain whats going on with her incase of spoilors :')
These are the progress shots :3
Was such a lovley day today! I even got to draw in the sun
Got some SEXY flippin brush pens that i orderd from japan and I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM So... ima be using them all the time now ^.^
Let me know what you guys think
sweet looks amazing
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thank youu!❤
10 months ago
I've nothing to say !! this is so fucking beautiful
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aww thank you so much!!! :3 means alot ❤
10 months ago
that is an awesome drawing
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@MoisEsGaray thank you :3
9 months ago