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Immediately when V and I arrived home from the amusement park I started to walk to go sit down, and as my butt hit the couch I sighed happily.
"Finally we're home." I said, stretching my arms. V laughed to himself as he came in, not looking angry anymore, and sat down next to me.
"Did you have fun?" He asked, smiling curiously.
I nodded.
"It was beyond scary, but ya it was fun." I said, causing V to smile again and take out his phone. "Then let's take a picture." He said, scooting closer to me. I only raised my eyebrows, not sure why he would bring this up now.
That's random.
"We never got to take a picture at the amusement park because of that guy, so let's take one now." He said, seeing my reaction. I only shrugged and got in closer. "Ok." I said.
V smiled and held out his phone to capture both of our faces. "Ready?" He asked, using his other arm to wrap it around my waist. I widen my eyes at his sudden movement, but quickly put a smile in my face, not wanting the picture to turn out weird.
"1,2,3!" He said, and the click went quickly off. I let go of my smile after the click, and expected V to let go of me now, but he never did.
He casually drew in his hand that was holding the phone and looked at the picture, a giant smile on his face still.
I was silent for a minute.
"Can I see the picture?" I asked, trying to distract myself from the warm sensation that was beginning to come from his palm. V nodded and passed the phone to me.
"I think it turned out well, even though you're blushing." He laughed. I felt my heart race and looked at the picture quickly, not believing him.
Shit he was right. I hadn't even noticed.
"Don't get the wrong idea." I said, quickly trying to get free, but V wouldn't let go. "What idea would that be?" He asked, his eyes plastered on the screen. It sounded like he didn't care for my answer, but as I darted my eyes around, I saw his face slightly red.
Is he only pretending to act calm? I thought, curiously.
"That I like you." I said, my eyes glued on to his reaction. V smiled a little and turned his head, our eyes locking onto each other. I felt his hand tighten around me and he paused for another minute, looking directly into my eyes.  "So I don't make your heart race?" He asked curiously, his voice soft. "No." I lied, ignoring the pounding of my heart ringing in my ears. His eyes trailed down to my lips and for a split second he just looked at them, his warm breath brushing against my skin as he leaned in. "What if I kissed you? Would you still say the same thing?" He asked, watching me for my reaction as his lips got closer to mine.
We're too close...
A sudden chill from the nearby window sent my skin to ice, though I swear I was burning up, and I shot up just as his lips touched mine.
I ran to the window and quickly shut it. "Stop playing around." I stuttered, as I looked out the window trying to not focus on V. I looked at the nature below us and immediately noticed a guy standing outside, causally looking in our direction. I scrunched up my eyebrows and blinked a few times to see if I was seeing it correctly, but when my eyes came back into focus he was gone.
"What the hell?" I mumbled looking at the quiet ground. I heard V get up from the couch and walk over to me, feeling his chest rest slightly against my side, only making me more nervous than I already had become.
"Are you ok?" He asked, looking out the window as well. I widen my eyes, a lump in my throat forming. "Um, ya. I'm fine. I just thought I saw something." My words came in stutters, and I regretted it. I turned my body, hoping to escape to my room, but V blocked my way, and it didn't  look like he was moving anytime soon.
"I wasn't joking around." He said quietly, watching my reddened face that had appeared again.
"I, I-" but I couldn't find the words.
Damn it I couldn't kid myself. The way my face was burning right now was telling me that my feeling from nine years ago was still there.
"I like you Giala." V said, after a few more seconds, watching me be flustered by my own thoughts scattering all across my head. I felt the saliva slide down my throat as I swallowed.
V paused a minute and this time as he leaned in I didn't run, slowly letting his lips connect to mine. His lips felt so irresistibly soft against my own as they moved delicately. His hands rested gently on the window frame, making sure not to touch me and after a second my lips molded with his, my face burning up. I heard a small surprised breath escape from his mouth and V's hands quickly found my face, deepening the kisses he continued to leave. My back hit the wall softly as he pushed me back, my hands clutching onto his shirt, my stomach feeling like there was a million butterflies in it. Our kisses became hungrier, rougher we continued. I could feel his mouth suddenly part, and I gasped when I felt his tongue slide across my lower lip.
Jungkook's POV
The smell of pine stung my nose as I bent down in the dirt. When Giala had spotted me I made a dash for the nearest cover, in which I lost sight of her, but not before I saw the same male come up to her.
I gritted my teeth and punched the ground.
What was their relationship?
I sighed angrily and tried to look over the top, but stopped when I heard the sound of leaves being crushed, and the familiar smell of dog entered the air. I rolled my eyes and looked back, only to meet a fist to the side of my face. I fell to the ground with a thud, and let my eyes blaze a dark green.
"What the hell was that for?" I snarled, looking at Yoongi. He only bared his sharp teeth as he kneeled down, taking a good amount of my shirt with it. "You think you can run away from me? Huh? Are you a lovesick puppy now?" He seethed as he jerked me, ready to snap my neck. "I will always find your dumbass."
I took both of my hands and grabbed his shirt, and using my feet kicked him right in the stomach, sending his backwards. "Get off me." I demanded quickly getting up and dusting off my pants, which had a streak of dirt on it.
Damn it
"Where's Namjoon?" I spit, looking at him. Yoongi shot up and glared at me for a second, before answering. "I sent him away. I might need him later if Giala escapes again, and I don't want them to know he was working with us."
I sighed deeply and looked to the side of the window that was slightly visible from where we were standing.
"If you know what room she's in go get her for me." He commanded, seeing my eyes waver. I looked back at him seeing that his arms were crossed.
"Did you just order me?" I asked, looking at him, my eye brows raised. Yoongi smirked at me. "What? You don't like it?" He asked, raising his own eyebrows at me comically.
"We're both going to be Alphas, so don't think you can boss me around." I cut, baring my teeth. Yoongi' eyes blazed a green and he laughed, finding my anger humorous. "Don't forget cub that I'm older than you, so I rein with seniority here."
I felt my nails big slightly into my skin, the small amount of blood roll down my palm.
Damn wolf rules.
"Fine." I clenched through my teeth. "I'll go get her."
Giala's POV
I laid in bed, trying my best to fall asleep, the covers hiding my face. I didn't know what to do anymore. My brother was going to be here tomorrow, or if not already, and I still hadn't convinced V. My face turned red as I thought about him and squeezed the sheets harder around me.
Damn it.
I closed my eyes, recalling the passionate kisses he left on my lips.
Focus Giala! This isn't the time!
The window in my room was prompt open, and as I laid there I heard a hard clank from outside. I scrunched up my eyebrows and waited for a minute. It was so quiet out that I was shocked that I heard an animal make a sound. I let out quick soft breaths, slowly lifting up the covers. The harsh sound of feet hitting the floor, filled the air now and it made me break out in a sweat.
This doesn't sound like an animal anymore....
The covers totally off my head I peered in front of me seeing the shadow of a man walking to my bed. I widened my eyes and opened my mouth to scream, only to meet a hand to my lips.
"Don't even think about it." The man breathed heavily, his eyes glowing a light green color.
RM? No, it doesn't sound like him.
I stared at the male completely scared out of my mind. I had no idea who this man was, but judging by his voice it, thankfully,wasn't my brother.
The man smirked at my helpless look and laughed harshly. "You're even cuter when you look scared as hell." He joked, letting his other hand move to hold my chin . "Too bad your brother wants you dead."
Damn it. I spoke to soon.
I could hear him click his tongue in disgust, and seeing that I wasn't going to try to say something, kept talking.
"I want you personally alive, but your brother is a really big bastard." He mumbled looking me over. I jerked away, and immediately tried to get away at that moment, but the man was too fast and grabbed my arms and legs with his own and pinned me down on the bed. I saw him smirk in the darkness that surrounded us, sending a shiver down my spine.
"Don't make a sound or I'll have to kiss you since I'm using both arms and legs to hold you down." He said, reading my mind, as I opened my mouth. His licked his lips seductively and smiled.
"Or I could just kiss you regardless. You were supposed to marry me." His face got closer to mine and I started to hyperventilate.
What the hell. What the hell. What the hell.
"Stop." I breathed out, again and again, not comprehending what he was implying. The man's lips stopped an inch before mine and I could feel his warm breath on my skin as he smiled.
"What?" He asked, enjoying every moment of this.
"Please don't." I begged, but he only smiled even more. "Did you actually think I would kiss you?" He asked after a second, laughing slightly with his words. I looked at him, frightened of what he would do next and ever so slightly nodded. He only laughed more. "I don't take advantage of women, so don't be too scared." I laid there not sure what to do.
"Giala?" V deep voice suddenly came from the other side, painting me with relief. He probably heard the man laugh and came to check on me. I could barely make out the man's eyes now, but the light coming from them decreased, signaling that he was narrowing them. I felt the warm air of his breathing move away also, and I knew he had risen his head. I let out a nervous breath, that I didn't know I was holding.
"Don't answer that." He commanded, looking at the door, his voice so quiet that even I had a hard time hearing it.
I didn't say anything.
"Giala?" V's voice rang again in my room, the door opening slightly.
"Damn it." I heard the man mumble, "why can't he think you're sleeping?" He said, watching as V entered my room. The light from the outside made the man's body completely visible and V quickly turned on the lights, scanning over the situation I was in. His eyes blazed an angry dark green, almost black like, and he snarled deeply as he recognized who was on top of me.
"Get the hell off her Jungkook." He demanded, looking at him, and quickly started to walk over.
Jungkook? I thought becoming even more terrified. Why is he here? My stomach dropped with the quick realization that he was still working with my brother.
V's fist collided with Jungkook's jaw, the minute he was in punching range, sending him falling off the bed. Jungkook landed with a thud on the ground before bolting up, his sharp teeth visible.
"That actually hurt." He said anger visible in his voice as he rubbed his jaw.
V quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of bed, holding me behind his back. "What are you doing here. Giala doesn't want to marry you so get lost." He growled, his hold on my wrist tightening. Jungkook let go of his jaw and laughed. "That's not why I'm here, even though I wouldn't mind marrying her now." V only growled, the anger rising in his veins.
"Then why the hell are you here?" V asked, holding himself back, but I sadly already knew the answer.
"Her brother is annoying as hell." Jungkook spit. "I don't really have a say if she dies or not, but if it makes you feel better I do want you alive." I bared my teeth and stepped foreword. "It doesn't." Jungkook sighed to himself and cracked his knuckles. "Then I'm sorry, but I have to bring you to your brother."
"That's not going to happen." V said, his eyes narrowing, as Jungkook smirked.
"Is that so?" What to test that theory?" He challenged, stepping foreword. V's breaths became deeper, like a dog's, and he let go of me.
"Ya. I would." He said, walking straight for Jungkook. Jungkook laughed harshly as he threw the first punch. "Last time I checked you weren't much of a fighter." He said, his fist hitting V square in the face. V's feet staggered at the hard impact of Jungkook's fist, but came back and punched Jungkook in the nose. "You're right. I'm not." V growled, quickly kicking Jungkook in the stomach. Blood rushed from Jungkook's nose, but V punched him again in the face, making Jungkook slightly fall back. "Never really had a reason to fight other wolves" V seethed, grabbing Jungkook by the shirt and forcefully threw him down. "But things changed."
"You bastard." Jungkook growled, getting up. He ran and threw a punch, getting V in the left cheek and as V's eyes were closed for a split second, took V's arm, twisted it, turned around, flinging V over his back. V landed with a hard thud on the ground and I saw the blood role off his face.
"Don't get to cocky. I'm one of the best fighters in our pack remember." Jungkook snarled, lifting his foot and kicking V right in the side as hard as he could. V held in his scream, and turned over, getting up before Jungkook could kick him again. Jungkook frowned at V's persistent and growing his nails to a sharp point, ran over, and before both of us could tell what he was doing, plunged his nails into V's chest. Pain plastered through V's eyes and I watched as red blood painted his shirt. Jungkook looked evilly into V's eyes and harshly threw his nails out, pushing V's body down simultaneously.
""V!" I yelled, running over. Jungkook smirked, retracting his nails back in and grabbed my wrist, before I could go to his side.
"You're coming with me." He growled, but I grew my own nails and scratched his skin, letting the blood rolling off his skin.
"With hell I am!" I yelled, side kicking him harshly with my knee. I quickly knelt down and cupped V's face. "Are you okay?" I said. V's eyes opened and he coughed violently.
"I'm fine." He breathed harshly. I sighed in relief and was about to help him up when Jungkook grabbed me and threw me up again. "Don't make this harder than it is." He snarled. "I'm not going to punch a girl." I only laughed. "Well. I'm defiantly going to punch you." I spat, turning around and nailing him in the face. Jungkook's face spun to the left, but his hold on me didn't stagger.
Shit. He's stronger than I thought.
Jungkook started to slowly turned his head to look at me, his eyes raging with anger.
"You're really pushing it." He warned, looking straight into my eyes. "You wouldn't be able to take one of my punches." I let my jaw tighten and I kicked him right in the stomach. His hold on me loosened and I tried to get away, but his hand soon found my shirt again pulling me back and connected his fist with my jaw. I fell to the hard ground, falling unconscious for a few seconds.
"Giala!" V yelled, getting up. Jungkook clicked his tongue again in disgust and nailed V in the face, letting him hit the floor again.
Jungkook sighed, and used one of his hands to get some of the blood off his face and hand before he walked over to grab me. I groaned in pain and tried to kicked him again, but he only punched me again.
"Stop resisting." He spit, grabbing my arms and stepping on my feet. "Get away from me." I snapped, using all my strength to dig my nails into his skin again. Jungkook, clenched his teeth and grew his own nails, digging them into my tender skin. "You can't use the same tactic twice and expect for it to work." He said, glaring at me. "Damn you!" I growled, retracting my nails. Jungkook smiled, the best he could and took out his nails.
"Now, come with me. You're brother has been waiting to see you."