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so this movie is on Netflix and I decided to watch it. holy shit was I wrong, the movie was great first off, but omg that ending!! I'm still crying, the tears won't stop!! I loved it, would I watch it again? yeah, cuz tears or no tears this movie was great
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I found a copy on DVD at a huge Target (not one by me) and bought it. I loved the movie.
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another good movie the Wailing is also on Netflix. it gave me nightmares!.
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This is on Netflix!!! Omg I've watched this movie like 5 times already and I love it. The feels I have are still there no matter how many times I watch.
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It's the best Korean movie I've seen tbh!
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I cried at the ending. Especially when she sings as they make it out of the tunnel. 😭😭😭
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